How to reduce inflammation in the body fast?

Inflammation is a pathological process frequently occurring in the human body and characterized by pain, fever, vascular distention, slow blood circulation, reddening and swelling of respective organs and their functional impairment. It can have absolutely different reasons – from parasites and fungi, to viruses and bacteria, also combinations of many factors. For example, influence of an infection can enhance the inflammatory process caused by trauma.

Inflammation can be acute, subacute and chronic. Each case demands an individual treatment. If you treat it incorrectly, you risk to do more harm to your health. Therefore if you have unpleasant symptoms, consult the doctor. But if there is no such opportunity, start treatment immediately.

It's possible to remove inflammatory process by means of folk remedies or medicaments. At an initial stage it's better to use the first option. If you feel really bad because of inflammation, then use the second method.

One of main remedies in this case is camomile broth. Mix 3 tablespoons of dry flowers with a glass of boiled water and leave it for about an hour for infusing. Wash out the sore place with this broth, or make a compress. Such method is suitable for treatment of any inflammation. Camomile broth won't do any harm even for mucous coats.

Other panacea for treatment is calendula juice. Dissolve 1 teaspoon in half liter of warm water. You can also wash out sore places with this solution or make a compress. Red beet, aloe, onions, pumpkin juice possess good anti-inflammatory properties as well as broth of coltsfoot, pine buds, dog rose berries, yarrow.

More serious symptoms can be treated only by means of medicines. The simplest option is to use warming ointments. They not only can remove inflammatory process quickly, but also have anesthetizing effect. Depending on location of the inflammation it's possible to use Methotrexate, Lactobacterin, Ketanov, Tavegil, Lindynette, Furadonin, Abaktal, Bicillin-5, Prednisolonum and others.

Antibiotics can help in especially complicated cases. If you use a tableted antibiotics, it's necessary to apply medicine for intestinal microflora restoration simultaneously. It's also possible to use local antibiotics, they are safer and have the same effect.

To remove inflammatory process as soon as possible, it's necessary to apply hot wraps. But such method can be used only if you have no purulence. Otherwise it's better to apply an iodic net on the inflamed area of skin. You have to visit the doctor as soon as possible to define the appropriate course of treatment, because an advanced inflammation can become a chronic disease for the rest of your life.

Published at September 17, 2018

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    • Inflammation is an aggressive defensive mechanism in the body, protecting against damage to the integrity of any tissue caused by a mechanical, chemical or biological agent. Different stages of the process are aimed at destroying poisonous wastes of dead cells and antigens (viruses, bacteria), and sometimes at disposal of the latter.

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