How to slow down metabolism?

An accelerated metabolism or biotransformation is as harmful to our organism, as a slowed-down one therefore if you havea very fast metabolism, it's necessary to take certain measures directed at its normalization. If a person can't gain enough subcutaneous fat, he/she looks healthless and becomes unattractively thin. Such condition of an organism not only has unpleasant external manifestation, but also becomes the reason of development of many diseases. Lean people usually have increased nervousness and irritability caused by an enhanced production of adrenaline.

Most widespread factors of a fast biotransformation:

  • Heredity;
  • Disfunctioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Severe long stress;
  • Abuse of nicotine.

Main signs of slowed-down processes in the body are impossibility to build up muscle bulk and excessive thinness with sufficient consumption of food. Muscular tissue can be built up by intensive trainings, but also there are other ways to slow down biotransformation.


Amount, structure and frequency of the food you eat influence your natural processes. If you suffer from excessive thinness, reconsider your diet. Nutritionists recommend to eat high-calorie food and also products with a low content of cellulose. They recommend the products which slow us down such as sugar, pasta, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts, pork, farinaceous, sweets, honey, butter. It's necessary to stop eating the following products:

  • spices;
  • green tea;
  • citrus;
  • dairy products;
  • whole grain products.

Peanut butter on sandwich or olive oil as dressing for spaghetti also slow down internal body chemistry.


If you can't slow down metabolism by changing the mode and the menu of your nourishment anyway, it's possible to solve the problem by taking special drugs. They belong to a group of metabolic antagonists which slow down this process. They are based on analogs of vitamins and hormones, mediators and substrata of various enzymes. Application of tableted yeast and protein is recommended in such cases. Apilak is one of the medicines slowing down metabolism, it helps also to build up muscles quickly. Before the intake of any medicines intended for normalization or for accumulation of muscle bulk seek advice of an expert and examine the side effects of the medicines you're going to take.

You should also reduceyour bed time. Experts recommend to sleep longer for internal exchange and conversion acceleration. Therefore, if you want to slow it down, it’s necessary to reduce your bed time. The lack of sleep promotes production of cortisol which regulates intensity of metabolism.

Normalization of biological process is a difficult task, but if you observe all recommendations of experts and learn how to control metabolism processes, you'll be able to solve the problem.

Published at September 5, 2018