How to treat erectile dysfunction?

By Adam Leonard
Updated 2024-04-07 16:15:47 | Published 2018-12-20 04:29:21
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How to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, often referred to as impotence, is characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Regardless of the underlying cause, most men experiencing impotence can benefit from treatment. Only a qualified medical professional can determine the root cause and recommend an appropriate course of action, as modern medicine offers a range of methods for addressing this sensitive issue.

Congenital penile anomalies can sometimes be the cause of impotence. Additionally, the modern man, regardless of age, is inevitably subjected to stress, poor nutrition, and sedentary habits due to work-related constraints. These factors can contribute to overall poor health, including sexual health.

In any case, it's crucial to consult a specialist as soon as erectile dysfunction is suspected. Self-medication for this sexual disorder is dangerous, as well-advertised tablets and devices promising erection support may provide temporary relief but can potentially cause harm. Their use can lead to wasted time and a worsening of the problem.

A comprehensive approach to treating impotence includes:

  1. Medical therapy: This involves the intake of potency-restoring tablets, vitamins, hormonal agents, and dietary supplements.
  2. Apparatus massage: Targeting the pelvic organs and perineum, this technique improves blood circulation, expands blood vessels, activates metabolic processes, and enhances the effects of medications.
  3. Vacuum pump usage: This device is used immediately before sexual intercourse.
  4. Psychotherapy: For psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction, where an erection occurs during sleep or masturbation but not during intercourse, psychotherapy can be beneficial. A psychotherapist can provide guidance on overcoming psychological barriers, restoring sensuality, and creating an appropriate atmosphere for sex.
  5. Therapeutic exercise: This supportive treatment helps strengthen the muscles involved in sexual intercourse and improve blood circulation in the corresponding zone. It is particularly effective for men with sedentary lifestyles.
  6. Shock wave therapy: An innovative approach to treating sexual dysfunction, this method has been successfully used for other conditions and is completely safe.
  7. Surgery: Surgical intervention is considered when conservative treatments have failed.

In conclusion, overcoming erectile dysfunction requires a comprehensive approach to treatment, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help and avoiding self-medication. By understanding the various causes and treatment options, men can take the first step toward addressing this sensitive issue and improving their overall sexual health.

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    • It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. It is one of the most common sexual disorders in men.

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    First of all- doctor. After that- pills. Don’t try to start using pills and get pleasure asap, you may harm your health in this case.