Keep Baldness at Bay

A lot of men are afraid to go bald. In fact, this is a nightmare that haunts most men that they will wake up one day to find that their hairlines have begun to erode.

There are a number of factors that can cause baldness. More importantly, baldness isn’t always unavoidable. There are ways for men to keep their hairlines in place. Some common approaches that men can use to avoid baldness include the following:

Cope with stress

One of the most common factors associated with hair loss and baldness is stress. When stress manifests, the body reacts by increasing the levels of a stress hormone known as cortisol. As cortisol floods the body, the levels of other hormones begin to fluctuate, with hair loss being one of the eventual results.

Exercise is a great way to keep stress at bay, this along with meditation. Even if you are predisposed to hair loss, you can debilitate the rate at which you will go bald by controlling your stress levels through exercise and meditation.

Lasers for hair loss problems

Lasers are being deployed in various fields of the medical arena for a variety of purposes, and hair loss is one of them. If you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars, you might be able to purchase a helmet – like the iGrow Laser Helmet – or a wand that you can use to zap your scalp regularly throughout the week.

When used correctly, laser devices can actually increase the density of hair. The efficacy of devices such as these will vary from one individual to another.

Consume a sufficient amount of vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a common cause of hair loss. As such, it only makes sense to try combating baldness by increasing one’s vitamin D intake. The common belief is that vitamin D has the ability to jumpstart the hair follicles, resetting their growth phase.

Use the right shampoos

The health of most men's hair is usually determined by the type of shampoo they use. In fact, many shampoos strip the scalp and hair of oil and leave it dry and quite vulnerable.

Additionally, a shampoo with sulfate components is very dangerous for your hair, known for leaving your scalp dry and the hair follicles brittle. If you are struggling with baldness, consider replacing your ordinary shampoo with ketoconazole shampoos. An anti-androgen, ketoconazole prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that can shrink hair follicles.

Published at 01/25/2021