Low Libido in Men: a Problem That Needs to Be Addressed

By Mary Holmes
Updated 2024-04-02 07:51:59 | Published 2021-01-12 17:52:31
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Low Libido in Men

What causes low libido in men? A lot of males would love to get a simple and straight answer to that question. In fact, according to the urologist Gareth Reid, this question is more important today than it has ever been because men tend to ignore their libido issues or feel ashamed to go to the doctor with this delicate problem.

Sex is essential in a man’s life. Men generally use sex as a source of confidence. And most men do not think they are macho enough if they fail to perform in bed. In fact, society has spent such a long time telling men that they must always be in the mood for sex that anytime a man’s libido fails, he naturally questions his own manhood. As a result, even when their relationships are crumbling, many men are simply unwilling to seek professional help. Not only do they suffer in silence but they suffer unnecessarily, unaware that their libido problems might have a scientific explanation.

Reid notes that low libido has many causes. A number of men believe that their libido issues primarily emanate from the aging process. In many cases that’s true; however, there are numerous illnesses and conditions that can cause low libido. Any medical condition that causes testosterone production to fall will inevitably affect the sex drive. So diseases like diabetes and hypertension, not to mention hypothyroidism, could be to blame.

Libido can also be impacted by psychological factors. Men that are stressed and anxious, and who might struggle with exhaustion and an overabundance of problems in life have reported lower libidos than their happier, stress-free counterparts.

Certainly, a man’s sexual health, as compared to a woman, can have a more drastic impact on his life. A man’s inability to perform in bed can kill his self-esteem and break his desire for success and progress in general.

However, men’s issues with libido have been the focus of many a pharmaceutical study for years now, and advancements in medicine have made available effective means of overcoming the issue. Doctor Reid’s exploration of this issue has less to do with the number of men fighting low libido today and more to do with the fact that most such men do not seek help for their libido problems. And this is problematic because low libido can be a symptom of underlying illnesses or simply allergic reactions to medical treatments.

The fact that men feel too ashamed to come forward about low libido causes worry because some of these men are allowing relatively simple conditions to evolve into far more dangerous illnesses. Fortunately, campaigns have began to emerge focused on taking away the shame that men relate with low libido and encouraging them to be more open to their doctors about sexual health matters.

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