Now that we live in a world that has started to give more credit to Marijuana and consider its positive effects, people are looking at the possibility of uncovering all the potential of the ancestral plant. Among those people, scientists are the ones leading the charge, with one study after another looking deeper and deeper into every single aspect of cannabis. Most researchers will obviously go after the psychoactive properties of the plant but a side that is often overlooked is the nutritious value of Marijuana which not really something to be overlooked.

This very special plant has all the properties of a super food. It contains over four hundred unique chemical compounds and is far from being short of essential oils, multiple vitamins and acids. These acids are majorly what we call cannabinoid acids that are essential for the basic functioning of our cells. All these concentrations of important elements led some experts to call the plant a dietary essential, or in other words an extremely nutritious herb.

When the two most potent cannabinoid acids in Marijuana, namely THC and CBD are heated by smoking or cooking cannabis, the body can only handle small portions of them, however, when ingested raw, our metabolism can convert them into valuable nutrients. Other than the nutritious advantage, these acids have also been reported to form a protection from several chronic diseases such as migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, glaucoma and fibromyalgia.

Marijuana also contains some worthy proteins such as Terpenes. This essential oil can be a solid anti-inflammatory and can boost the nervous system’s function. Other proteins present in the plant are omega 3 (which is found in eggs) and omega 6. These two are known to be important to a healthy brain.

Research into this specific aspect of Marijuana is still ongoing at the moment, but the more findings we stumble upon the more basis we have for more research that could eventually help in erasing the false myths surrounding the plant and bringing it to general consumption.