Hitting the Road With Migraine

By Mario Duncun
Updated 2024-03-28 17:35:19 | Published 2021-12-16 19:54:51
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Hitting the Road With Migraine

Column I have always had a passion for traveling ever since I was a young girl. I find joy in all the preparations that come along with it – shopping for cute outfits, planning the itinerary, and researching hotels online. I even enjoy the less exciting tasks such as setting up my international phone plan or organizing my daily vitamins. A few years ago, someone introduced me to the concept of creating a wish list on Amazon, and now I have one for every major trip. Sometimes, I even create wish lists for smaller trips!

When migraines became a part of my life, I didn't initially consider how they would affect my travel plans. One vivid memory I have is experiencing a migraine during a family reunion in scorching hot Texas right after college. While everyone else was having a wonderful time, laughing, enjoying music, and feasting on homemade BBQ, I was stuck in a room suffering from a debilitating migraine. It felt unfair to be isolated while my family bonded, even though many of my aunts had experienced migraines themselves. Migraines have also disrupted my work-related travels, which can be incredibly inconvenient as productivity is expected in those situations. Unlike a family reunion, your boss may not be as understanding if you need to take a break.

It has been two decades since I was diagnosed with migraines, and I have embarked on countless trips since then – from Paris to Philadelphia. Along the way, I have learned a few tricks to ensure that my trips are memorable for all the right reasons.

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Here are some items I always pack, whether I'm traveling for business or leisure:

  1. Sneakers: Stress often triggers my migraines, so incorporating exercise or going for a morning walk has made a significant difference in reducing the frequency and intensity of my attacks. To save space in my luggage, I wear my sneakers on the plane or during road trips, especially if it's not winter.
  2. Migraine medication: Having experienced the panic of being without my migraine medication during a trip, I never forget to pack it now. I always keep a few pills in a sealed wrapper in my wallet, ensuring that I always have access to them while traveling.
  3. Essential oils: Like many people nowadays, I have turned to natural remedies to complement or sometimes substitute medications. Initially skeptical, I've seen positive results from using peppermint oil. When I feel the onset of a migraine, I apply a small amount on the side of my face for immediate relief. I do need to reapply it every 30 minutes, but it has been beneficial. Lavender oil has also proven soothing when applied to my pillow before bedtime, making it the perfect way to end a busy day.
  4. Flexibility: The most vital thing I pack isn't something tangible that can be seen during a security scan. Migraine episodes can be unpredictable, even with known triggers. In these cases, being adaptable is crucial. I try to stay flexible and ask those around me to do the same. For business trips, I schedule ample buffer time between meetings. My family understands that sometimes I may have to skip certain activities, but I always make an effort to join them later. It's important to make the most out of every situation.

Migraines may try to spoil the fun, but I refuse to let them stop me from living my best life while traveling! Joining a community of fellow migraineurs on Facebook has been beneficial in terms of learning, sharing, and connecting with others who understand the challenges of living with migraines. So, don't let migraines hold you back – let's embark on new adventures together! Join our Migraine Support Community for support and solidarity.

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