Managing My Migraine Episodes With ASMR

By Robert Martinez
Updated 2024-03-24 16:17:08 | Published 2022-08-25 16:23:42
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    • Explore effective strategies and solutions for managing migraines in this focused section of the iMedix Blog. It offers valuable information on migraine triggers, treatment options, and coping techniques, designed to aid individuals experiencing migraines, as well as those supporting them.

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woman at the gym with migraine

Have you ever come across the term ASMR? If not, don't fret. Simply put, it refers to a mysterious tingling sensation that defies explanation. Personally, I can vouch for the wonders that ASMR videos work, although they certainly cannot replace medication. Sometimes, I even watch these videos on mute, as the visuals alone trigger tingles for me. However, I do acknowledge that for some individuals, the videos merely offer a soothing experience without the tingling sensation. There are occasions when I enjoy watching ASMR videos with soft-spoken voices, but I find it more immersive to close my eyes and focus solely on the audio.

It is worth noting that not all ASMRtists hold the same level of expertise. Some of the commonly sought-after triggers include gentle voices, hair brushing, tapping, and crinkling. To truly capture the desired sound, an ASMRtist must invest in a freestanding binaural microphone, as it replicates human hearing and serves as the gold standard in the field. Additionally, I've heard that using headphones instead of speakers enhances the ASMR experience. Considering that ASMR sounds are typically meant to be gentle and soothing, it is recommended to listen with headphones at a normal volume level.

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In terms of the effects of ASMR, it is important to acknowledge that everyone's experience differs. For instance, I've heard of instances where ASMR has triggered migraines for certain individuals. Unfortunately, there is currently no scientific data to support the effects of ASMR. However, various online support communities exist, providing a sense of solace and togetherness for ASMR enthusiasts. As for those who believe that ASMR is merely a placebo effect, my response is simple: if it helps alleviate pain, then I am fully supportive of it! Speaking of which, if you're curious about what I mean by the term placebo effect, my friend Steven D. has provided a perfect explanation.

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