Why I Love Talking About My Migraine Triggers

By Garrett White
Updated 2024-04-03 09:46:36 | Published 2020-12-13 17:35:59
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Migraine Triggers

Discussing my migraine triggers has become a source of empowerment for me. While I certainly don't enjoy the consequences they bring, being able to identify and manage them provides me with a sense of control over my condition. Unfortunately, my triggers seem to be lurking in almost everything I enjoy, making it a constant challenge to avoid them.

There are times when I choose to indulge in my triggers, fully aware of the repercussions. Sometimes, the momentary pleasure is worth the pain. However, most of the time, I strive to be mindful and make adjustments to prevent a migraine from ruining my day.

Some triggers, such as weather changes, altitude shifts, and hormonal fluctuations, are beyond my control. However, there are others that I can manage to some extent. Here are a few examples:

Trigger No. 1: Chocolate

My love for chocolate runs deep, and it feels like an intrinsic part of my being. It's a constant temptation, whether at a gas station or during a social gathering. I turn to chocolate for comfort in both happy and sad moments. Regrettably, it's also one of my primary migraine triggers. To mitigate its effects, I've started opting for high-quality chocolate with higher cacao percentages and experimenting with recipes that incorporate healthy fats or vegetables.

Trigger No. 2: Cheese

Cheese is another integral part of my life, and distancing myself from it has been incredibly challenging. However, I've noticed improvements in my migraines and digestion when I limit my cheese consumption. Now, I often order burgers without cheese and add extra vegetables instead. While I still enjoy pizza on occasion, I opt for light cheese. I've even discovered some dairy-free alternatives that are surprisingly delicious.

Trigger No. 3: Wine

Justifying a glass of red wine for its heart health benefits is tempting, but I often regret it when it triggers a migraine. Living in California, surrounded by beautiful wineries, makes it feel like a cruel tease. Nevertheless, I've learned to find alternative ways to celebrate special occasions and enjoy social gatherings without relying on alcohol.

Navigating the minefield of migraine triggers is an ongoing challenge, but with mindfulness and determination, I've found ways to maintain control over my condition without sacrificing life's simple pleasures.

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