Modern medicine and Asthma

Asthma and the ways to treat it

Modern medicine has found a new approach to the treatment of such serious diseases as asthma. In the last century symptoms of the disease prevented various potent drugs, such as corticosteroids. Tried to avoid the allergens that cause violent seizures.

  • People suffering from asthma had to change their place of residence. This caused many difficulties and inconveniences. To prevent seizures people always carry the aerosol corticosteroids. If symptoms of asthma are difficult to predict and they may begin at any time, people used agents antileukotrienes. They are perfectly combined with corticosteroids.

But such treatment, inflicted terrible harm to human body mutilated his hormonal system and led to the deterioration of his health in the future. People have been left permanently disabled, permanently dependent on the availability of drugs and medical help nearby. Asthma treated with drugs such as salbutamol and corticosteroids, taken by mouth. In very severe cases the person was hospitalized. They were treated by injecting corticosteroids. In this century invented dietary supplements.

  • We have the opportunity to buy them in our country. They have great capacity to cure incurable diseases. People are afraid to use the new chance. So they treat the old-fashioned way. They are still afraid to admit that their terrible disease is now treated. There are new methods of treatment now for many diseases. Nature heals a lot better than synthetic medication. The official medicine to keep their law on the treatment of «incurable» patients, invented a lot of false methods and tools.
  • Seriously ill people are afraid to believe those who bring new tools to cope with «incurable» disease. We can understand that people. Often new drugs cost a lot of money. These people also spend a lot of money for official medicine.

They do not have special medical education in order to understand who is right and who is not right. To risk your health they are too afraid. But we all know that our health is in our hands.

Published at 02/26/2021