Paradigm shift

New “living” drug that fights cancer, praised as a “paradigm shift”

There's a brand-new “living” drug that destroys cancer cells utilizing your body's natural immune system. This new type of cancer drug uses genetically modified cells from a person's host defense system. If the FDA certifies it, this would be the first and the only time they have ok'd a gene therapy drug. The workings behind the medicine are fairly simple, it's all about discovering “natural” methods to use body's own immune system to eradicate cancer.

Even though the medicine may seem like the ultimate cure on paper, many concerns arise in regards to its safety and its price. Even though, some oncologists describe this cure as the most exciting thing they have ever seen. That gives some people much-needed reassurance because there haven't been any major advances in the last couple of years, when it comes to cancer treatment. For years and years, people tried to develop a new brand of immunotherapy drugs that help treat cancer by utilizing the body's natural immune system mechanism.

Some oncologists even go as far as to say that this drug is actually the paradigm shift, that gives hope for thousands of people suffering from cancer. The drug's name is CTL019 or tisagenlecleucel. The study submitted for the medicine shows that tisagenlecleucel produced remission in over 80% of people who had failed the regular treatment or experience relapses and didn't respond to follow-up treatment. This whole gene-therapy business is exciting, but it has caused some uproar nevertheless. There's a risk of a life-threating side-effect: the immune system might attack vital organs. Right now, it's too early to tell, but this might as well be THE breakthrough in the cancer treatment.

Published at 02/26/2021