Penis Anxiety – Study Establishes Normal Penis Length

A new report published in the BJU International journal of urology has established what the normal length of the male penis should be.

Penis anxiety is quite rampant in men with most of them always wanting to know whether their penis is of average or below average length. This notion has men constantly researching to know if they are well endowed down south with many wanting to be on the above-average category.

Recently, a team of British researchers made public their report on what should be deemed as the normal length of the penis. The findings focused on different men, age, length as well as girth (circumference).

Dr. David Veale, lead author, researcher and professor at the King’s College London says that many men believe there penis is below the average length, and this affects their self esteem. However, many don’t know that they over estimate the average length and that the human penis is much smaller.

The British researchers studied more about 15,000 men or penises from different parts of the world and various races and ages. The aim of the experiment was to come up with the normal penis length based on what majority of the men had.

Statistics from the study indicate that an erect penis has an average length of 5 inches (13 centimeters) while a flaccid penis measures 3.6 inches (9 centimeters). A look at the girth or circumference reveals that an erect penis measures 4.6 inches (12 centimeters) while a flaccid one is approximately 3.7inches (9.31 centimeters).

Concerns about the penis have always been there with the perception being “the bigger the better.” In extreme cases many men have become overly preoccupied and distressed about their organ leading to a condition known as body dimorphic disorder. Penis anxiety is also blamed on the media which seems to exaggerate the average length of the penis as well as advocating for penis enlargement.

A total of 15,521 men drawn from United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia underwent 17 studies and only 2.8% of the population had a penis that was less than 5 inches (13 centimeters). Men with penises larger than 5 centimeters accounted for 2.8% of the sampled population.

Veale stated that by looking at the figures it is evident that many men have been wrong in thinking that there penis is below average. He further suggests that doctors and other physicians can also use this data to reassure their patients that there is no cause of alarm since majority of men are within range.

The research findings also dispelled common myths such as the link between penis length and foot size and advocated for men to use the data to fit the right condom.