Remarkable Resilience: Skincare Is Healthcare

By Korinna Day
Updated 2024-03-29 16:39:03 | Published 2021-02-07 22:02:36
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In my daily wellness routine, one of the most meaningful acts of kindness I perform is taking care of my skin. I have experienced the pain and suffering of both palmar-plantar and scalp psoriasis, so waking up with clear skin each day is something I am truly grateful for. My skin has been a faithful companion, always giving generously and asking for very little in return. It has been there for me through sunburns, surgeries, skinned knees, acne, burns, and stings. It is not only a protector but also a reflection of my inner health.

From the moment I was in the womb, my skin has been with me, quietly developing as I inherited the genes that cause my psoriasis. It is still with me today, telling the stories of my condition through the unique patterns on my fingertips. My skin has adapted to the changes in my body, expanding and contracting as needed. It is my largest organ and the visible expression of my essence. Therefore, it deserves my love and attention, although I haven't always given it the care it deserves.

Taking better care of my skin is an intimate act of self-compassion, especially because I have struggled with psoriasis and obesity. These conditions have affected my self-esteem, making me feel hideous and large. I used to avoid seeing myself and didn't want others to see me either. However, learning to care for my skin has allowed me to appreciate my body and its functions. It is a way to show tenderness and acceptance to myself and to thank my skin for always being there, even during the times when I neglected it.

In order to care for my skin, I believe in simplicity and consistency. I cleanse and moisturize mindfully every morning and evening, wear sunscreen, and regularly check my skin. During my journey towards improving my overall health, I realized that pursuing outer beauty was not as important as finding inner peace. I let go of hair dye, nail polish, heavy makeup, and perfumes to allow my skin some time to reset and be its natural self. I have discovered that when I feel well internally, a little bit of lip balm and lotion goes a long way externally. The positive effects of improved nutrition, hydration, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep can clearly be seen on my face, hands, feet, and scalp. Making healthier choices has led to less inflammation, fewer triggers, longer periods of remission, and finally feeling comfortable in my own beautiful skin.

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