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By Paul Koffman
Updated 2024-03-28 17:10:09 | Published 2022-04-02 01:07:28
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Well, it's that time of year again, everyone. It's the new year, and everyone comes up with resolutions. I'm going to do this more or do this less. Yeah, I don't play that game. It's good for some, not really for me. But I am perfectly OK with setting some goals, or trying to do some things a little bit differently. I think goals give you a little more flexibility than very rigid resolutions. I figure psoriatic arthritis may have taken my physical flexibility, but it won’t take my rule-bending flexibility!

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So what’s on my goal list for 2023? I'm glad you asked (or if you didn't ask, I'm going to tell you anyway. I'm nice that way). These are basic things, some physical and some mental. Nothing too strange or large. But these are 4 MORE things I (and you) can do to help along this arthritis journey in the new year:

Move more

Yes, I know it sounds like a resolution, and people do resolve to go to the gym every day or something like that. This does sound a little more vague, but this is something that everyone can achieve. More just means doing something at an increased frequency than you are currently. Move doesn't mean gym either. It could mean walking in the park, walking around your neighborhood. If you aren't doing it, it could mean doing it once a week. If you are doing it a few times a week, add a day. Movement is key to us. I know very well that some days, it hurts to move. But as I've been told and as I've learned by doing, it helps. Ironic, isn't it? So I will do my best to find time and fight through and move more.

Be honest with my medical team more

How many of us have lied to our doctor, nurse, PA, NP, etc., during our appointments? We don't want to seem like a bother. We don't want to seem dramatic. We don't want to be chided. Well, we need to stop that. We need to make ourselves heard. If we are hurting, tell them. If we have questions, ask them. As the old saying goes, If nothing changes, nothing changes. We need to be honest so that they will know what's going on with us. The more they know about our health, the better they can treat us.

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Say no more

This sounds negative, but stay with me. Saying no is self-care. There are times when we get overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations, but we don't have the energy to do them. Say no. If your body or mind is worn out, you shouldn't feel obligated to do things you can't.

Say yes more

I know this sounds a little contradictory to number 3, but there are times when saying yes is good. Say yes to new experiences. This is something I have been guilty of not doing. I get too tired, too nervous, too fearful. Sometimes you've got to take a leap of faith and do something new. Also, say yes to self-care. Massage, a soak in the tub, meditation, sleep, doing something for yourself; all of these are things that are considered self-care. Self-care is a key to mental wellness and something you should do for you.

So my 2023 I guess is a goal of more. More little things to add up to some big improvements. I hope you do the same! Stay connected to others with PsA. Join our Facebook Support Group now.

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