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By Mario Duncun
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Work, a necessary evil that allows us to support ourselves and gives us purpose. Dolly Parton's song 9 to 5 captures the essence of the daily grind. However, working can be even more challenging for those with chronic illnesses, such as psoriatic arthritis. I remember the difficulties I faced when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis while working an hour away from home. The pain and discomfort from riding in the car and sitting at my desk were unbearable. At the time, I had yet to learn how to manage my condition or pace myself throughout the day.

Living Well with Psoriatic Arthritis

Fortunately, I have been fortunate enough to not have to take time off work due to my psoriatic arthritis. But for those who do, there is no shame in it. We all have limitations when it comes to physicality, and sometimes we run low or run out. If you're in pain and unable to function, take a day or two off. Sick days exist for that reason. It's important not to feel guilty about it. If needed, discuss your condition with your manager and HR department beforehand to set expectations. A supportive manager and HR department will work with you to find solutions.

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Another tip for working with psoriatic arthritis is to stay mobile. This is something I'm still working on myself. As someone with a desk job, I tend to be more sedentary during the day. But even taking a few minutes to walk around the office every hour or two can make a big difference. Additionally, finding adaptive computer equipment can also help. Wrist guards, arthritis-friendly keyboards and mice, footrests, and compression gloves are all options to consider. Check with your employer to see if they can provide any of these items for you.

Stress is a major trigger for pain and flares in psoriatic arthritis. Unfortunately, it's difficult to eliminate stress entirely from our careers. However, we can manage it. Striving for a work/life balance is crucial. In the past, I had a job where I worked excessively, neglecting my personal life. This took a toll on my physical well-being. Now, I prioritize self-care and set limits for myself. When work is done, I make a conscious effort to disconnect mentally and take care of myself.

Dealing with psoriatic arthritis in the workplace is not easy. There is no perfect or best way to handle it, but we can do our best. That's all anyone can ask of us. Remember to stay connected to others with PsA for support and join our Facebook Support Group for additional resources.

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