Technology as a Way to Cope with Depression

By Michael Bootle
Updated 2024-03-29 08:54:05 | Published 2021-02-24 05:51:43
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Technology as a Way to Cope with Depression

Counselors helping people to cope with depression recently received a boost with the introduction of a message-based service and an additional funding of $35 million from Silicon Valley investors. Named The Crisis Text Line, the system provides counseling services for people who would rather text than visit a counseling Centre.

With over 1500 volunteers, the system is said to be fully operational at all times. People under stress can receive support on issues concerning bullying, bereavement, isolation, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts among many other psychological problems. The motivation for the introduction of this program is to help many people who are quietly suffering from depression and cannot seek help.

Why technology?

Often, psychologists insist that people should take a break from cell phones, computers, and gaming devices so as to reduce stress. Whereas these devices tremendously help make life easier, they have been shown to cause stress and depression among its users. For an increasing number of tech-savvy people, being ‘connected and available’ comes with a price. Users of these technologies who are always juggling through multiple tasks at the same time suffer a condition known as technostress. Prolonged use of computing devices and other related machinery causes stress, irritation, frustration and lack of sleep.

On a different note, the very same technology that has been linked with stress can be used to cope with the problem. According to psychologists, talking to a doctor and taking depression medication can be described as traditional ways to deal with depression. While these methods have proven to be effective in addressing the problem, the world constantly needs new remedies. To most health experts, technology might as well just provide that breakthrough that is being sought.

Convenient, easy, and safe

Why visit a doctor if you can have a video chat? Convenience is the word. With a phone call, a video chat, or even a text, you can seek and find professional advice on matters related to depression. In fact, many people have turned to technological ways of counseling due to the ease and availability of the service.

A classic case scenario is for those people who are depressed and the problem takes a toll on them in the middle of the night. Severe depression cases such as having suicidal thoughts need to be addressed as soon as possible. With a counselor available on the other end, the problem can be handled and resolved before it goes too far.

Statistics show that the suicide rates for girls aged between 10 to 14 years have tripled since 1999. At this age, teenagers do not think of talking to their parents about the problems that they constantly face. Instead, they turn to their peers on social media. By availing technological ways to deal with depression, these teenagers might just find the right avenue to channel their frustration.

Many other technologies are being invented to deal with stress and depression. However, one thing is for sure: technology can help people to recover.

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