The Most Popular Aphrodisiacs in Different Countries

By Claire Hughes
Updated 2024-03-29 12:22:42 | Published 2021-02-14 11:47:31
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The Most Popular Aphrodisiacs in Different Countries

Ragged work schedule, stress, bad ecology and other physical and psychological reasons – all of this has a negative impact on the state of modern men, and, of course, their potency. As the statistics, the problem is a fundamental strengthening its potency care today every third man, and this is a very high figure. That is why many men face the problem of getting erection by means of special products and natural supplements – aphrodisiacs. These products are different in various countries and/or use in different ways in every country.

Traditional folk recipes with natural aphrodisiacs

Pay attention to the people’s favorite recipes of Italian cuisine, where natural aphrodisiacs that increase potency – garlic and olive oil – are ingredients in many dishes. Help improve male potency and tomatoes, especially steamed or baked ones. However, Italian men are known for their fiery temperament!

Various nuts and seeds are also known for their positive sexual influence on the improvement of male potency, primarily due to the high content of vitamin E. In India, for example, there is a traditional dish for potency is considered toasted sesame seeds mixed with honey and eat. Honey also goes well with other aphrodisiac – walnuts.

A mixture of equal amounts of honey and walnuts is an excellent folk remedy to enhance potency their use is recommended for a dessertspoon half an hour after the meal. Spend a honey-nut over the course of months and will feel an unprecedented burst of energy.

In Siberia, the main remedy to enhance male potency is considered pine nuts; they not only eat, but also drink water hails crushed pine nuts.

To enhance the potency popular recipes is strongly recommended to add more green food: parsley, cilantro, celery, asparagus, basil is a natural aphrodisiac and a positive effect on potency.

In general, different countries have their products – aphrodisiacs known ability to increase libido. In India preferred for potency coriander, which is added to dough, the inhabitants of the Caucasus traditional folk remedies enhance potency are products of sour milk. The Central Asian peoples have a wonderful aphrodisiac – pistachios; the French among the products use to improve the potency not equal artichokes and snails. Some southern people give preference to eating meals with the addition of figs, which not only increases the potency, but also has beneficial effects on the heart, liver and kidneys. In many countries, especially in the east, to increase potency using tea with aphrodisiac like spices, cloves, saffron, ginger, etc.

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