Troubled backbone and royal gymnastics

By Paul Clark
Updated 2024-03-29 16:13:17 | Published 2021-02-13 19:00:03
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Troubled backbone and royal gymnastics

Don’t you need some training for your back? Well, the first two exercises from today’s set are included to the morning training of Prince Charles. After numerous times Charles fell from horses, his vertebral discs often become “dry“, so the court physiotherapist Sarah Key has developed a special set of exercises in order to bring them back to life. Such exercises have helped his spine to “fill up” quickly and to become stronger and healthier.

Workout number 1:

Initial position: Lie on your back, then stretch your arms along the body. Put something hard just below the lower back (under the buttock) – a couple of books will fit well. This will enable the body bending and the back extending. Close your eyes and dream about something for 5-10 minutes.

Workout number 2:

Initial position: after removing the books, keep lying on your back; put your hands on the nape. Lift your hips; pull up the crossed legs to your chest. Gently sway on your back as if you wanted to tumble over your head. Keep doing the workout for at least 2-3 minutes.

Workout number 3: “Descending down the wall”

Initial position: the back touches the wall; the feet are about 30 cm away from it. The hands are down, the palms are turned backwards. Slowly slide down along the wall, bending the knees until the hips take a horizontal position. Your back shall all the time keep a contact with the wall! Hold for a few seconds in such position, and then rise slowly; your back should keep contact with the wall.

Workout number 4: “Air circles”

Initial position: Laying on your back, press the waist zone to the floor. Bend your knees. Raise one of the legs so that the shin is horizontal, and perform slow circular motions; the heel is in tension. After 10 seconds, do the same with the other leg. Make three or four turns.

Workout number 5: “Collecting money”

Initial position: standing straight. Scatter 50 coins over the floor (coins can be replaced with something else, for example, with buttons, but the Chinese, who invented this exercise, insist on such “wasting money”). Slowly, without sudden movements, lean on one knee and collect the coins one by one. After gathering the coins, smoothly stand up keep your back straight. Do this exercise for at least 3 minutes.

So, aforementioned easy exercises can help you feeling better if you often load your spine or have some problems with your back. Keep well!

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