How I Track My High and Low Blood Sugar Levels

Last week, I experienced some unusual fluctuations in my blood sugar levels. I would start the day with normal readings, but after breakfast and my regular exercise, my readings would drop significantly, ranging from 59 to 73. Even before checking my glucose levels, I could already feel the symptoms: sweating, pale skin, weakness, and shakiness. It was puzzling because my daily routine hadn't changed. I ate my usual breakfasts, drank the same beverages, and exercised as I normally would. So why was I experiencing these lows?

As someone with type 2 diabetes, I am used to playing detective to figure out the causes of highs or lows in my blood sugar. Sometimes it's as simple as realizing I ate something I shouldn't have or overindulged in alcohol. Other times, the cause remains a mystery, which is one of the challenges of living with type 2 diabetes. But as I was trying to raise my low blood sugar with a glucose tablet, our newly adopted rescue dog, Augie, approached me for a kiss. Just a week before, my husband had retired, and we had decided it was time to find a new dog after mourning the loss of our previous pet for six years. After searching online, we found Augie, a nine-year-old dog with soulful eyes and a sad story.

After Augie joined our family, I noticed that our lives had changed drastically. The living room had transformed to accommodate her, with a dog den and supplies taking over the space. Additionally, we started going on walks every few hours or visiting the dog park. Suddenly, the cause of my blood sugar lows became clear – the extra activity from the dog walks was exerting enough energy to lower my blood sugar levels. I called out to Augie, and she looked up from her water bowl. Mystery solved.

Knowing the cause, I prepared myself before going on walks with Augie. I made sure to have glucose tablets, a juice box of sweetened lemonade, and individually wrapped candies in my pocket to quickly raise my blood sugar if needed. With everything ready, I fastened Augie's collar and gave her a kiss on her head. Let's go, I said, ready to face the challenge of managing my blood sugar while enjoying our walks together.