Weight loss as a testosterone therapy method

By Janice Jensen
Updated 2024-03-29 11:45:30 | Published 2021-02-14 13:52:08
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Weight loss as a testosterone therapy method

The recent medical news have revealed that Sleeve gastrectomy, which is a common weight loss operation, has the potential to return testosterone levels to normal in obese men. It is a surgical procedure and ends up lowering one’s BMI. This eventually returns the testosterone levels to normal.

Testosterone therapy and prostate cancer

A study released in October 2015 by the university of Texas medical branch at Galveston revealed that testosterone therapy is not associated with increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The study was done in view of increased Testosterone therapy. There are five distinct classes of prostate cancer as published by EBiomedicine yet none can be stimulated or enhanced by testosterone therapy. This has eliminated earlier suspicions regarding testosterone therapy aggravating prostate cancer.

EDV virus persistence in semen

The Ebola virus has been found to persist for as long as 9 months in semen of men who have survived the virus. 100% of men who were EDV victims tested positive for the virus in their semen samples. This is according to the New England journal of medicine. From this concerns of sexual transmission of the virus have been raised. The test results showed that 26% of men tested between 7-9 months after experiencing Ebola symptoms tested positive for EDV in semen. Till the suspicions of transmission are eradicated, appropriate counselling of male victims who have survived EDV is advised and therapy continued.

Breast cancer therapy for men

Another recent study making headlines on breast cancer therapy for men is that only a ratio of 1: 1000 men is at risk of breast cancer. This shows that male breast cancer prevalence in men low. However, men with breast cancer have a lower chance of survival as compared to women since most people are not aware that men can develop breast cancer. Therapy is provided for men screened and detected with breast cancer. Awareness of men breast cancer screening is also underway to sensitize populations on its importance.

On drugs advancement

In September 2015, two new synthetic insulins from Novo Nordisk were approved by The US food and drug Administration (FDA). This is for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. This has been used as an alternative for patients not rending well to previous treatment.

On other latest pharma news, a new therapy for prostate cancer has also been discovered and approved. This is the irinotecan liposome injection (Merrimack’s onivyde) in combination with fluorouracil and leucovorin. It is to replace gemcitabine-based therapy in patients who have rejected it.

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