What are plasma treatments for?

A plasma medicine is understood as a direct treatment of cells of a human body by means of plasma. The research group headed by the prof. Friedman in Drexel University, USA, has been engaged in pioneer work on use of atmospheric plasmatic systems for skin treatment since 15 years already. He was the first scientist who explored the different types of direct and indirect impact of this substance on human skin. At the same time he discovered interrelation between reduction of microorganisms quantity by using this substance (plasmatic disinfection) and healing of wounds.

Today these studies intensively continue at various research institutes. Especially research programs of Plasmamed (The Greifswald university) and also the University of Dusseldorf, the University of Bochum and the Munich Max Planck Institute are worth mentioning.
Plasmatic nozzles with high efficiency process surfaces by a line method. Thanks to potential-free properties of plasmatic energy it can be used for skin treatment.

Comprehensive check and further improvement of the nozzle equipment is necessary for precise application in medicine. Development of systems for controlled medical plasma treatment has big prospects as well.
Production technologies of medical equipment are to conform to the highest standards which are far beyond requirements of the majority of other industries. Surfaces have to be not just simply clean, but perfectly clean or sterile. Besides, preliminary processing in medical equipment has to be exclusively reliable and reproducible.

Preliminary plasmatic processing for improvement of printing paints adhesion has been widespread in area of medical equipment since many years. The plasmatic technology provides for effective coupling of hard and soft composites, finishing of membranes (filtering elements) and also plasma functionalization of plastic surfaces. And all this is aseptic thanks to plasmatic sterilization and disinfection.
Natural microorganisms like fungi and bacteria are essential for natural circulation of substances and further existence of ecosystems. In food and pharmaceutics production microorganisms are applied even commercially for purposeful creation of active agents.

On the other hand, bacteria and fungi cause diseases and have toxic effect. In industrial production even the slightest infection attracts serious problems up to damage of products or destruction of the whole systems.

Superthin cleaning with this substance is especially well applicable in combination with impulse control of plasma and special working gases for reliable disinfection of surfaces. The line method is characterized with potetntial absence of plasma, simplicity of operation and also absolute reproducibility of the process parameters.

Published at 08/20/2018