What are the first signs of prostate problems?

Prostatitis is considered to be a fairly common male problem. Usually men of about 30 years old and older can be diagnosed with this urological disease. The older a man the more likely that he will develop this problem. Insidious disease begins to develop unnoticed. That is why the man starts seeking for medical help when he is already having prostatitis. However, attentive attitude to one's own health and ability to detect early signs of the disease will help to prevent serious consequences.

Symptoms of the disease manifestation are different and they depend on its type. The acute prostatitis development is a typical case for people of younger age. As a rule it is caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

You can distinguish this medical problem by such signs and symptoms as follows:

  • dragging or aching pain shooting up the groin and even the lower back;
  • pain during ejaculation;
  • manifestations of frequent urination, accompanied by difficulties and pain;
  • decreased libido, as well as weak erection.

The most common symptom of this sickness is the urination problem. The prostatic gland inflammation results in its size increase. This causes the urinary tract overpressure, which is inevitably accompanied by discomfort and pain. As the inflammation develops the unpleasant sensations only increase. Pain in case of bacterial stress can take a wandering character. This is due to the migration of pathogenic microorganisms from the affected organ. Thus, pain in the mentioned gland can shoot up the groin, the lower back, and the abdominal cavity. The patient can also feel itching and pain in the anus.

It should be noted that acute case is not a reason for jokes. If you start to worry about pain do not delay with visiting a doctor. The disease is associated with a high temperature (up to 39-40 ° C).

In older men this trouble is most often manifested in chronic form. Pathogenic bacteria during medical research may not be detected. Nevertheless, this does not mean that infection is absent at all. Poor lifestyle during a long time is the main trigger of prostate gland disorder development in the elderly people.

The first signs of disorder in this case are as follows:

  • urgent frequent urination;
  • discomfort during defecation;
  • sexual function disorder;
  • nocturnal penile tumescence;
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • incessant burning sensation in the groin;
  • penile tension reduction;
  • stuttering urination requiring efforts;
  • psychological discomfort, depressed state.It should be noted that the clinical pattern, i.e. signs of the disease, can be different in each case. These symptoms can be combined with each other or manifested separately.
Published at September 9, 2018

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  • Prostatitis
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    • Prostatitis is one of the most common urological diseases in men. The prostate gland inflammation can be provoked by hypothermia, lack of physical activity, reduced immunity due to other diseases, sexually transmitted disease, bad habits, lasting fatigue and stress.

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