What are the side effects of drugs?

Drugs are substances which directly affect a mental state of person. Drugs often marginalize people and drug-addicted persons have problems with socialization in society.

The main types of drugs and side effects are listed below.


All natural opium drugs are obtained from opium poppy. These substances affect the metabolic processes of the body, lead to the reactive occurrence of mental and physical dependence.

Opium drug action

When a person feels a quick surge of joyful excitement. After that, a person experiences appeasement and reverie. A drug addicted person feels warm and calm. Pain, aggression and libido weaken. The word «heroin» comes from the word «hero». A drug addicted person feels like a winner at this «Feast of life».

Opium side effects

Side effects are blocked bowels, impairment of respiratory function and metabolic disturbance. Under the guise of heroin, they can sell other drugs and knead them with harmless talcum powder and flour, but as an injection they cause great harm to the body, causing boils or gangrene. Other drugs can be sold under the guise of heroin. They can be mixed with talc and flour and they cause great harm to the body in the form of an injection.


Cannabis is a psychedelic drug which changes a human conscience.

Cannabis action

A person experiences relaxation, talkativeness, inhibition of reactions and thought process and excitement. Colors, sounds and tastes often become brighter.

Cannabis side effects

Hunger and thirst come after smoking. Frequent use of marijuana can have a bad effect on memory and concentration. A person may have delusions or hallucinations. According to research, long-term consumption of cannabis leads to loss of control over use and can result in addiction.


Amphetamines are synthetic substances with a stimulating effect. There are three main classes of effects caused by amphetamines. There are psychostimulant, hallucinogenic and empathogenic effects.

Amphetamines action

A small dose of amphetamine invigorates and makes a person energetic. After small doses of the drug comes a surge of pleasure. After excessive drug use a person becomes extremely sociable and intrusive.

Amphetamines side effects

Amphetamine in small doses causes panic, paranoia and hallucinations. “Amphetamine psychosis” similar in symptoms to schizophrenia occurs with prolonged use. Stiff doses of the drug exacerbate hot temper, nastiness and aggressive behavior.


Hallucinogens are psychedelic drugs which alter sensations, thoughts, emotions and perceptions of reality.

Hallucinogens action

After using the drug, the surrounding reality looks different (unusual colors, sounds and objects). Visions, voices are possible and the time can speed up or slow down.

Hallucinogens side effects

If a person is haunted by terrible visions, then he can be very frightened and lose control. This happens if he was in anxiety before taking the drug. Frightening visions can trigger mental illness and psychosis in some people.

Published at October 14, 2018

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