What are the symptoms of arthritis in the knee?

Arthritis is pathology of joints caused by an inflammatory process. Often the disease lasts long chronically and can disturb the patient for years. Gonartrit or gonitis is a widespread problem all over the world, especially many cases are registered in civilized countries: Europe, USA and Russia. The illness results quite often in invalidity therefore if you already have this diagnosis, the treatment has to be complex and immediate.

Specific symptoms

How to distinguish knee inflammation from other diseases? Diagnostics is a task to be completed by a doctor.

Manifestations of different forms of gonitis have general common signs:

  • pain intensifying when moving;
  • hypostasis and swelling of the affected knee;
  • local temperature increase and reddening of skin in the area of inflammation;
  • decreased lability of the knee joint.

Symptoms of the knee joint arthritis can differ depending on disease degree.

Insignificant pains are characteristic as the 1st degree, limitation of knee motion is possible in the morning but it passes after a while.
2nd degree is characterized by more serious signs: pains become more intensively, obvious swelling of knee area, reddening and hypostasis is visible. Movement becomes more hampered.

3rd degree of the gonartirit is a deforming gonitis at which severe pains cause a resistant spasm of muscles therefore there is a deformation of the knee.

Treatment methods

A lot of things was told about harm of self-treatment especially in case of such problem as Arthritis. To treat this disease successfully, you have to find a skilled doctor: after medical examination he/she will make an individual scheme of treatment depending on the type of your disease, its degree and all features of your organism. The traditional medicine for treatment of knee arthritis recommends tablets, pricks, physiotherapy exercises. Each type of pathology demands special approach as both the development mechanism and the causes of the disease are different in each case.


Here are the main measures of prevention of the disease complications which are directed to elimination of its main reasons:

  • avoid overcooling of legs, especially long stay in cold water;
  • if your work is connected with long standing or sitting – do breaks for small warm-up or walking;
  • keep to a diet, avoid excess weight;
  • increase immunity and body resistance (practice healthy lifestyle, tempering, take vitamins);
  • refuse dangerous habits.The doctor has to decide how to treat knee joint arthritis in each case. But the recovery process depends in many respects also on the patient himself. If you strictly observe all recommendations of the doctor and take care of your health, the chances of a favorable outcome are really high, you can even cure the disease completely. Take care and good luck!
Published at 09/17/2018

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    • Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease, which can be caused by different reasons. If there is only one joint inflamed then it is called monoarthritis, if several joints affected then it is polyarthritis.

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    • The level of the general health is determined depending by the presence and severity of the vital body functions decompensation. In accordance with this, the doctor takes a decision on urgency and necessity of therapeutic measures.

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