What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

1. Weight loss against the background of increased appetite. The person who follows the rule of “I eat – it means I'm losing weight!” might have superactivity of the thyroid gland.

Except for a body weight reduction, it may result in an unreasonable and prolonged increase in body temperature up to 37-37.5 C, interruptions in the heart, excessive sweating, tremor (trembling) of the fingers, sudden mood swings, nervousness, sleep disorder.

A sexual function disorder is also observed while the disease is progressing.

2. Obesity is not only a problem of malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Obesity accompanies many endocrinological disorders.
The thyroid gland function disorder can be manifested by a deposit of fatty tissue throughout the body, a little bit reduced appetite, dry skin, weakness, lethargy, persistent drowsiness, loss and fragility of hair.

3. Excessive growth of hair on the body (hyperthyroidism) is often an indication of the violation in the function of the sex glands. More often this symptom evidences the excessive production of testosterone in women.
Hypertrichosis in this case is usually accompanied by an increase in the fat content of the skin, the appearance of acne, dandruff. In this case there can be observed violation of menstrual and childbearing function as well.

4. Crimson stretch marks on the skin (striae) – is a formidable sign of a hypothalamic-pituitary system disorder. Often, the process involves the adrenal glands.

Striae appear on the skin of the abdomen, the internal surfaces of the thighs, on the breasts. The hypertrichosis and a sexual function disorder can be observed in this case.

A specific feature of this disorder is a sharp rise in blood pressure.

5. Changing of appearance is an early sign of acromegaly. The facial features become coarse: superciliary archs, cheekbones, lower jaw are enlarged.

The lips “grow”, the tongue becomes so large that it results in an abnormal bite.

This condition is developed in adults with excessive growth of somatotropin hormone production in the hypothalamus. In this case a rapid growth of hands and feet is observed. An individual is forced to change his shoes very often. Additionally there can be symptoms of numbness in the limbs, pain in the joints, hoarseness of voice, disturbance of sexual function. The skin becomes thick, greasy, there is increased hair growth.

6. Visual impairment may also be a consequence of the endocrine system pathology. Rapid and persistent deterioration of vision, accompanied by persistent headaches, indicates at possible pituitary tumor development.

7. Skin itching symptom requires checking of the level of sugar in the blood and may be an early sign of diabetes. Most often such itching occurs in the perineal region (which makes it necessary to contact a gynecologist or dermatovenerologist). In this case such manifestations as thirst, dry mouth, increase of the urine amount and frequent urination become more obvious. Such disorders as furunculosis, wounds and scratches become more frequent and difficult to heal, gradually developing weakness, rapid fatigue.
Weight can vary in the range from obesity to weight loss, depending on the form of the disease and the body type.

Published at 09/09/2018

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