What blood pressure medication does not cause erectile dysfunction?

Modern pharmacology offers a lot of effective hypotensive remedies, however at systematic reception they promote emergence of undesirable negative effects, one of which is erectile dysfunction. Really many hypertension medicines (and rather effective) negatively influence men's sexual vigor. For example, drugs reducing testosterone amount (anti-androgens) have an extremely negative effect not only on erection, but they also reduce sexual excitement and inhibit male libido.

For systematic treatment of a persistent hypertension men need special tablets which don't influence potentiality. Before the intake of any medicines you need to consult cardiologist and therapist. These specialists can inform you about possible consequences of drug intake and define an apporpriate therapy course.

Here is the list of medicines of hypotonic orientation which don't influence potentiality:

  • i-APF;
  • alpha blockers;
  • antagonists of calcium.

According to the feedbacks of men having hypertension treatment, the given drugs for blood pressure decrease not only normalize these indicators, but also improve erection and increase the libido. It should be noted that the tablets for treatment of essential hypertension can have synthetic and natural structure – but the last ones are used only as addition to the first ones.

As a rule, inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme which provide effective pathogenetic therapy become a starting group of medicines in this case. These medicines have an expressed prolonged effect and don't reduce erection. The risk of impotence developing takes place only at 0.5% of men – and it's connected with wrong schedule of intake or dosage, not with the remedy itself.

If intake of inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme causes cough, it's recommended to replace it with sartans (Valsartan, Losartan and Teveten).

Other pharmacological group, so-called Alpha blockers, are also characterized by the minimum impact on the reproductive system. As a result of the intake, blood pressure decreases due to dilatation of vessel walls and vazospasm elimination. This pharmacological group includes such remedies as Prazozin and Tamsulozin.

The blood pressure tablets which don't influence potentiality make the vast majority of hypotonic drugs, however in case of self-treatment the patient risks to pick the drug from the “black list” and become an impotent for the rest of life, though with normal blood pressure. In order to avoid problems of this sort it's necessary to focus on preliminary medical consultation, it's easier to prevent development of undesirable side effect, than eliminate its consequences.