What can cause hypotension?

There are no concurrent views concerning arterial hypotension (or hypotonia): whether it's a disease or not. On the one hand, hypotension causes a complex of clinical symptoms, demands treatment and can be considered as a disease. But on the other hand, this dysfunction doesn't cause any pathological changes in an organism and serious consequences like hypertension.

The term “hypotension” is also used by physicians for the description of various conditions of an organism which are characterized by decrease of physiological arousal (i.e. tension or pressure) in different systems of an organism. Arterial hypotonia is a lowering of arterial pressure, muscular hypotonia means decrease of muscular tone, etc.

Women at the age of 30–40 years and younger (from 20 up to 30 years) which are engaged in brainwork have lower blood pressure more often. Men suffer less often, some experts explain it with the fact that men have hypertension more often. If in elderly people vessels are affected by atherosclerosis, atherosclerotic hypotonia can occur, at which the tone of vessels and the cardiac muscle sharply goes down as a result of atherosclerotic changes.

This dysfunction can be observed in almost healthy people:

  • in athletes having continuous increased physical activity (fitness hypotony). At constant overloads the organism begins to work in an “economical” mode, heart beat rate slows down, pressure goes down, something like “precautionary measure” happens;
  • during adaptation to sharp change of climatic or weather conditions;
  • increased humidity;
  • impact of electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Also hypotony can appear as a manifestation of some types of allergic reactions. In general the mechanism of this dysfunction can be explained in the following way: normal vessels narrow and extend quickly if it's necessary, but in hypotensive persons this reaction slows down. It causes insufficient blood circulation in organs and tissues. As a result, the brain and the heart receive less oxygen and can't function normally. Sharp change of weather, sedentary work, wrong way of life only aggravate this situation.

The reasons of primary hypotony are the following:

  • inherited predisposition
  • constitutional features (usually young women and teenagers of an adynamic constitution are ill).

Secondary grade of the illness develops against the background of other diseases (hepatitis, stomach ulcer, anemia, allergic reactions, at poisonings, as a result of side effect of some medicines).

Published at 08/20/2018