What can you put on hemorrhoids to shrink them?

Many people who have this delicate proctologic disease often ask a question of how to shrink hemorrhoids. It brings not only physical discomfort (itch, burning, feeling of a foreign subject, pain, risk of bleeding at continuous friction at linen), but also it’s a big cosmetic defect. Women are especially worried about it.

Conservative ways

If the disease isn't advanced and there are no prolapsed Hemorrhoid, but they appear only at acute condition, then it's possible to shrink the hemorrhoidal tumor by conservative methods which include medicamentous therapy, special gymnastics, application of special pillows for sitting, amending the digestive tract functioning, rational dietotherapy and modification of the way of life.

Medicines are an integral part of treatment of any illness stage. There are external (ointments, gels, creams, compresses) and internal (tablets, candles, pricks) dosage forms. Competent and rational therapy helps to get rid of disease symptoms quickly, prevent formation of blood clots and, respectively, to shrink hemorrhoidal tumors.

Among a wide range of medicamentous there are suppositories, which help to reduce hemorrhoids tumors, they are very popular owing to their fast effectiveness. Rectal collyriums have instant effect. They thaw and active agents get into a mucous membrane. Like any medicamentous medicine, collyriums have contraindications therefore you need to consult the proctologist to make the correct choice.
Proktoglivenol, Anestezol are effective for prevention of vein thrombosing, but contraindicated in case of an advanced thrombosis.
Anuzol or Betiol on the basis of vegetable components can do much harm to patients with prostate gland diseases.

Suppositories on the basis of sea-buckthorn, aloe, medicinal herbs are more benign, but can cause reaction of individual intolerance.
Glyceric suppositories are suitable for elimination of oppilations and soften skin around the anus. They can be applied at pregnancy.
Ichthyol suppositories have to be applied at initial stages of the disease.

From the above we can conclude: though the market offers ample opportunities for the choice, nevertheless it's better to consult the professional which helps you to decide what rectal suppositories are suitable in your concrete case.

Folk methods of treatment can support medicamentous therapy. At external hemorrhoids you can apply cold lotions, grass compresses, camomile, yarrow, nettle, baths and baths with other medicinal herbs. The same components, but in the form of enemas will promote reduction of the tumors in the anus. Medical practice shows strong reasons to trust recipes of traditional medicine based on beekeeping products.

Published at September 21, 2018