What causes coronary heart diseases?

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the number one in the list of mortality factors. Many patients don't even guess that they have this disease as it proceeds almost asymptomatically. What are main manifestations and causes of the CHD?

Causes of CHD

All factors causing development of coronary heart disease are divided into two categories: internal and external. Impaired fat metabolism and excess content of cholesterol in blood, too high arterial blood pressure, addictions (smoking and alcohol intake), excess weight, lack of physical activity are not the complete list of the causes of this disease.

Other risk factors are psychological overloads, bad digestion of carbohydrates, changes of some physical properties of blood and excess contents of uric acid in it. For those people whose close relatives have suffered or have at the moment coronary heart disease, doctors recommend to undergo regular preventive examination.

Also there are researches proving that in regions where people eat a lot of food which is rich in animal fats have atherosclerosis and ischemia more often. However not all types of fat food are equally hazardous to health. For example, mutton fat is digested in the organism much worse, than lard due to its chemical composition.

Anyway experts are sure that the more fat food you eat, the more “harmful” cholesterol synthesizes your organism. If the hypertension was diagnosed in you, perhaps you can also get ischemia in the next future. Such causal association is most brightly expressed at men. If the hypertension is complicated by the excess weight, addictions, alcohol consumption, then you should revise your way of life seriously.

Statistically, at 45% of patients ischemia was provoked by smoking. It's also in the top of the reasons causing increase of arterial blood pressure and development of atherosclerosis. Nicotine acts as poison for nerve terminals. It provokes too vigorous activity of adrenal glands which begin to produce hormones more actively. This action causes heart rhythm disorder, pressure increase and as a result development of coronary heart disease.

Both types of diabetes are also connected with development of CHD, and especially diabetes of the second type which is often caused by obesity.

How to avoid CHD?

This heart disease can't be treated, but it can be controlled. Both treatment, and prevention consist generally in change of the way of life:

  • give up smoking
  • refuse alcohol
  • limit consumption of greasy and sweet food
  • move regularly and enough intensive
  • control arterial blood pressure
  • control the your body weight
  • try to avoid emotional overloads and learn to relax
  • regularly undergo examination at the doctor
Published at 10/01/2018

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