What does potency mean?

When considering the question of what a potency is, it is necessary to look it up first in the medical dictionary. In the medical sense of the word, it is the ability to commit sexual intercourse. Traditionally, this term is used in relation to representatives of the males. In the broadest sense, it is the ability of a representative of the stronger sex to commit acts of a sexual nature.

In the narrow sense, the potency of men includes several interrelated characteristics:

  • speed of erection appearance;
  • duration of sexual intercourse;
  • normal course of sex;
  • tension of the penis.

All these factors together constitute the concept and signs of potency in men. In medicine, it is considered that a man retains his power throughout life. The reasons for his weakening can be an advanced age, nervous shocks, poor nutrition and other negative factors.

When answering the question, it is necessary to note that this concept is practically not applicable to women and does not have a clear notation. Symptoms of potency can be easily determined. These include, first and foremost, the excitation of the penis of a member of the man and his ability to have a sexual intercourse.

Male ability for sexual intercourse throughout life, like the entire male body in general, is subjected to a multitude of tests. It can be adversely affected by an incorrect lifestyle, poor diet, lifetime medications or other chemical additives, physical factors. Also, chronic illnesses have a significant impact on the possibility of committing sexual acts. At the same time, they can both increase or decrease the level of this ability. For example, in case of chronic mycoplasmosis, the level of the ability of a man to have sex is significantly reduced. On the contrary, it rises with chronic tuberculosis and trichomoniasis. An effect similar to the effect of prolonged admission of anabolics is observed in chlamydia – first the male power is on the rise, and then disappears whatsoever.

The period of abstinence from intimacy can be affected by, for instane, the ability of a man to have intercourse. So, contrary to popular belief, scientists have established cases of problems with sexual force after prolonged abstinence from intimacy (for example, among military personnel).

Young people are usually experience such sexual excesses not long, and as a rule, the ability to sexual intercourse is returned. But is has to be mentioned that in older people (after 70 years) such sexual continence abstinence for more than 3 months result in sexual activity irrevocable disappearance. The constant inability to commit sexual acts has been named an impotence.

Published at September 28, 2018

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