What happens if you do not have health insurance?

By Dr. Trinity J. Bivalacqua
Updated 2021-02-17 19:47:06 | Published 2018-07-26 06:10:57
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Health insurance

The purpose of an insurance policy is covering the costs of treatment and prevention of diseases, financing procurement of medicines, payment of compensation for temporary incapacity for work and other monetary compensations. Many people do not even realize that for any analysis or any medical service, a hospital or a polyclinic invoices an insurance company, and that pays money to it. If you do not have a health insurance and official income, you can register with a labor exchange and get an insurance, being officially unemployed.

When a person is unemployed and for some reason can not join a labor exchange, he is left without any support of an insurance company. And here there are two options: either to buy insurance from some insurance company, where you, for example, have already insured your car, or pay for each visit to a doctor or for each medical service.

A comparison shows that if you are a completely healthy person and visit a doctor only a couple of times a year just to pass some tests, it's cheaper to pay yourself for everything. That is because an insurance is very expensive. However, you never know what will come tomorrow.

If you buy medical insurance in a company that provides such a service, then you should estimate your financial possibilities – it's not a cheap deal. The cost of an annual insurance can be up to 1000 euros.
It seems that only if you visit doctors frequently, then it is worth considering this option. After all, if your expenses for treatment are even higher, the insurance company will pay. On the other hand, insurers are also not simpletons, working at a loss.
We found several people who have lived without health insurance for many years. Some of them are satisfied with such life, but some admit that is not easy.

“Generally it is very hard without an insurance. I lived without that for several years. You come to a doctor, but he does not want to do anything. He says: “If there would be an insurance, I would do this and that.” But without that I can do just nothing. Just give you some tips and advice, “- says Natalia.

She lived without an insurance for three years and then bought it from a private company. “I found a website of an insurance company. So beautifully written: no queues, all tests and examinations for free” – says the woman. “But in fact, even the family doctor, who works with them, could invite me only on the eighth day. And when my knee was infected and the surgery was needed, I had to play a trick and register as an individual entrepreneur. It turned out to be cheaper than buying insurance in the Health Insurance Fund. ”

Christina, one more peson interviewed by us, lived without medical insurance for 10 years and does not consider this a big issue.

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