What helps a headache when pregnant?

Women often complain of headaches when carrying a child. But now they can no longer take anesthetic pharmacy drugs uncontrollably. Most of them are dangerous for the development of the baby. What pills are allowed to use by expectant mothers? What do they need to know about alternative anesthetics?

Causes of cephalgia during pregnancy can be:

  • vegetative dystonia (pain pulsating, worse with seizures);
  • early and late toxicosis (squeezing pain, which manifests usually in the morning and evening);
  • venous encephalopathy (pain arching or squeezing)
  • cervical osteochondrosis.
  • hormonal changes;
  • fatigue and stress;
  • the feeling of hunger or some food (chocolate, Chinese dishes, nuts, yogurts, chicken liver, avocado, citrus fruits, bananas, canned and pickled products, tea, coffee, cola, sausages, red wine, cheese);
  • mental and emotional stress.

The cephalgia itself does not affect the development of the fetus, but the depression caused by it may affect the child. Even in case of rare headaches you should not completely refuse the medication. A single dose of analgesic does not harm the fetus. For severe aches, doctors prescribe specific treatment.

There are several drug-free modalities:

  • put a piece of warm tissue or compress on the nose and eyes to relieve pain in the sinuses and frontal sinuses;
  • relieve tension using cold wraps around the lower part of the neck;
  • lie down in a dark, quiet room, breathe deeply.
  • massage the neck and shoulder girdle;
  • take a warm bath or shower, try to relax;
  • drink strong tea with lemon;
  • massage for two minutes a point between the index finger and thumb;
  • use essential oils for inhalation.

Treatment of a cephalgia in a pregnant woman is always a difficult task: it’s almost impossible to find an absolutely safe drug. Therefore, after excluding serious diseases that require serious treatment, first of all, it is worth trying to make changes to the day regimen: spend more time for rest (you should sleep at least 8 hours a day), try to minimize nervous and emotional stress. It is very useful to learn deep breathing and relaxation.

Keep track of how much fluid you drink, especially at the beginning of pregnancy — perhaps because of feeling unwell, you drink water less than you need, which results in a decrease in circulating blood volume. This, in turn, can lead to a reflex spasm of blood vessels resulting in aching heaviness in the head.

Eating regularly will also help to prevent unpleasant feelings. However, products containing caffeine and other substances that can cause headaches should be avoided. So, it is considered that often cause of a cephalgia are products made of processed meat – sausages, frankfurters, smoked meats, canned goods. The point is that they often contain an elevated concentration of nitrates, which provoke a headache in sensitive people.

Published at 10/13/2018

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