What is birth control?

We live in a free society. Independence, above all, involves not only the right to choose, but also the responsibility for our preferences. Therefore, entering into sexual relations, the person decides what they are going to be. So that there won’t be offense and disappointment instead of love and romance t you need to know what contraception is.

Contraception is not only protection against unwanted pregnancy. This is the preservation of your own health and the way to the birth of a healthy baby when you want it.

Questions of contraception remain unresolved for many couples. There are women who think that it is much easier to have an abortion than to make efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Other women avoid sexual intercourse for fear of getting pregnant. Both options are models of ineffective sexual behavior that violate reproductive health and relationships between partners.

This was determined by history that women bore the main burden of protection against pregnancy. However, in recent years, methods of male contraception have been actively developed, but so far they have not gained wide distribution.

The choice of contraceptive method is a very individual matter and depends on many factors:

  • age – to each age, as well as to a certain level of a woman’s physiological development correspond certain methods;
    body reaction – it is often quite difficult to find a suitable hormonal contraceptive due to various side effects and associated diseases;
  • the state of the body at the moment – whether the woman gave birth or not, whether she had been previously suffered from diseases of the genitourinary system or not, etc .;
  • plans for the future – if you already have children and are sure that you don’t want to continue adding the family, perhaps the best option for you would be surgical contraception;
  • frequency of sexual activity – it is clear that it makes no sense to use hormonal contraceptives, if sexual intercourse is not a frequent event in your life, in this case it is easier to have condoms or in exceptional cases use emergency contraceptive methods, etc.

Since the choice is extensive, it is better to consult a doctor. You will have to undergo a gynecological examination and, possibly, an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, as well as a series of tests, such as a vaginal smear and a hormonal profile study.

Currently, the choice of means and methods of contraception is wide. Some of them are best suited for adolescents, others for young women and men, and others for mature people. The contraceptive method is selected individually. Better if it is done with the help of a gynecologist. The age, intensity of sexual life, the presence or absence of diseases, the permanency of the sexual partner, plans for the future pregnancy and even the temperament of sexual partners are taken into account.

  • Birth Control
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    • There are a lot of birth control measures aimed to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It ought to be mentioned that wrong contraceptive can result in harm to the woman’s health.

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  • Women’s Health
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    • The process of women’s health protection includes a wide range of measures, the implementation of which starts long before a girl enters into the reproductive period of life. These measures also include activities aimed at creating optimal conditions for the education and training of girls and adolescent girls.

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