What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease that traps a person inside his own body. That means that cancer is a disease that cannot be infected, it is inside the human body.

This disease caused by the mutated cells of the body. There is yet no 100% way to predict where, when and how the cell program will fail. Only the factors that increase the likelihood of mutation are known nowadays. Those factors are called “carcinogenic”: for example, radiation exposure, exposure to toxic substances, a general decrease in immunity, etc., but even they do not lead to the development of cancer with one hundred percent chance. But the fact is that no modern therapy can absolutely protect a person from the risk of tumors.

Cancer can be formed in any part of human’s body. It is formed when cell growth gets out of control and cancer cells displace normal cells. As a result the organism stops functioning as it should.

All cells of our body perform certain functions. Normal cells divide in a certain order. They die when they get old or if they get damaged. The places of the dead cells are occupied by new cells. Cancer begins when cells begin to divide uncontrollably. Cells with a tumor continue to grow and multiply. Such cells displace normal cells. This causes problems in the part of the body where the cancer started.

This is due to the fact that in the process of division of the cells microscopic mutations inevitably arise – both insignificant and very harmful. Because of that division process our body is aging: at once there are too many mutations in the body, and the cells give become failed one after another. The mutations arise mainly from the aggressive effects of the environment.

During the most oncological diseases, a tumor starts forming. But, not all tumors are cancerous. Doctors usually take a sample of tissue from the tumor and analyze it to find out if it is cancer. Tumors that are not cancerous are called benign. Tumors that are cancerous are called malignant.

Finding a cure for cancer is very difficult, because most of the tumors adapt to it. Scientists are choosing therapy for a single gene mutation, but after a couple of years, a new mutation appears on the background of this therapy.

The problem is that the human body and the immune system do not recognize mutant cells as something foreign.

As a result ? the body does not react to the parasites inside it and dies. On the other hand, medications that doctors inject into the body and which must destroy diseased cells are perceived by the immune system as aggressors: the immunity system prevents medications from reaching the goal, and tries to remove all the active substances of the medication from the body.

Cancer is the body's response to mutagens, both external and internal. To protect your health, you should avoid contact with carcinogens. The most dangerous carcinogens are: nicotine, alcohol, air saturated with chemicals, junk food. The stronger the body is hardened, the better it resists diseases from the outside, but its own cells, unfortunately, are often much more dangerous.
But fortunately, every year, medical science invents more and more effective and safe ways to fight cancer, so there is a possibility that in the future prevention of cancer will not be more difficult than prevention of the common cold.

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    • Cancer is a disease caused by the mutating cells in the body. Oncological tumors or carcinomas are divided into benign and malignant. Both of them are dangerous, but malignant tumors pose a major threat.

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