What is combination skin?

Combination, or mixed skin combines two types – it can be oily (most often in the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin) and dry or normal in the cheek area. This type of derma is the most common: about 80% of adolescents have such issue, 40% of people under 22 and 10-15% of people older than 25.

You can determine your type of skin as follows: to do this, you need to wash your face with soap, and after 2-3 hours mop your face with a paper napkin in each area. If an oily spot remains on the napkin, it means that here is an oily derma.

Combination skin has a healthy appearance, even structure and fatty areas with large pores in the area of the T-zone. Fat and dry areas can alternate in any order, but problems with the T-zone are usually familiar to owners of such problem. There is an opinion that with the age such condition can change and become normal. This really happens.

A distinctive feature of the combination skin is an increased activity of the sebaceous glands in the T-zone, in other parts these glands are less active and practically do not cause problems. Mixed type requires careful care of each area separately. As a rule, people with such epidermis type have comedones (blackheads) in the T-zone area due to increased salivation. At the same time other areas of the face are dry and peel. To cope with these problems you need a combined care.

The combination epidermis cleansing should be delicate, as it is necessary not only to remove excess sebaceous secretions, but also not to overdry the dry areas. Such derma has to be cleaned in the morning and in the evening using special means. That can be gels, foams, milk. The substance is applied in a thin layer, after which it must be massaged with fingertips for 2-3 minutes, and then washed off with cool water using sponge or cotton balls – this method is the most delicate and hygienic.

The cleansing mask is used once a week. For these purposes scrubs / peels with solid particles are used (of course, if there are no inflammatory processes). The composition of scrubs should include polymers or ground (crushed) fruits bones (unpolished bones are traumatizing). These masks should be of creamy consistency (they should not be overdrying) and without the content of fruit acids, otherwise it can result in overdrying. Film masks (when they dry on the skin resulting in a film formation) can be applied to the area of fatty areas. In addition, once a week you can apply a nourishing mask, but only on areas with dry epidermis!

Published at 09/28/2018

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