What is hormonal acne?

Our skin is a mirror of the entire body health; all pathologies generated inside the human body are almost immediately reflected on the skin. Especially heavily the derma is affected by an endocrine imbalance. Meaning that in case of slightest abnormality the pimples immediately appear on the surface. Most often, breakouts are observed in adolescence, due to active hormone fluctuations in the body. Acne and hormones in women are often associated with periods, and usually such breakouts appear and pass within 3-4 days after the menstrual cycle. Some female suffer from these on the face up to old age, and of course, this is also due to endocrine disorder.

Let’s learn what the hormonal acne is, and why does it often causes troubles to women?

Of course, there are many reasons why acne appears on the face, but today we will analyze endocrine disorders. If the basic treatment course and other methods do not help to get rid of skin breakouts, then the doctor prescribes test for hormones.

When the functionality of viscera fails, then the hormonal status changes, which usually leads to increased sebaceous glands secretion.
The secretion becomes very viscous and dense, resulting in pores clogging. Sebum accumulates in the passages and causes inflammation.

The following organs pathology causes endocrine disorder:

  • brain;
  • the ovaries;
  • the adrenal glands;
  • glands of internal secretion;
  • the hypothalamus.

Malfunctioning of these organs usually results in the skin breakouts appearance. There are several types of inflammation:

  • dark spots or comedones, which are a closed septum with a black head, mostly appear on the nasolabial triangle;
  • sebaceous plugs, containing pus, appear as a result of dermal infection. Immunity begins to resist bacteria, resulting in accumulation of purulent contents, which is usually covered by the derma (subcutaneous pimples) or it has an exit in the form of a so-called crater;
  • Inflammation in pustules, which can intensify or be in remission, also has purulent contents. In the acute period there can be observed redness around the inflamed area. Such troubles need longer treatment and are difficult to heal.

The most unpleasant situation caused by hormonal failure is a combination of pustules and papules that can form extensive areas of skin lesions. Such inflammations very often cause scars on the surface.

Based on the location of breakouts on the face one can determine the pathology of which organ caused an endocrine failure.

Just by looking at the face it is easy to understand which internal organ suffers:

  • forehead – the organs of the digestive tract or bladder,
  • between the eyebrows – the liver suffers;
  • temporal area, ears, near the ears – kidneys;
  • cheeks – respiratory system;
  • chin – hormonal release (especially on women's periods);
  • area around the mouth – diseases of the oral cavity.
Published at 09/09/2018

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