What is Malar edema?

A year goes after a year. The first signs of age are manifested by eyebags and edema of the eyelids. A few years later, in the area of the orbital bones a second line appears. This is “Malar edema” (the second name of which is “Suborbicularis oculi fat”).
Like eye-sacks, they have similar unpleasant properties.

First of all, the fatty hernias on the cheekbones affecting the appearance and result in sorrowful face.

Secondly, these formations consist entirely of adipose tissue, so they tend to retain water, increase in size and form festoon.
It is worth noting that suborbicularis oculi fat on cheek-bone is not a disease. It is anatomical feature of the body: malar bags filled with fatty tissue. However, a good tone of young skin conceals the problem.

With age, the skin becomes drier and thinner, the facial muscles lose elasticity, the fatty tissue starts moving down. This is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, as it spoils the appearance and creates a sad face. Malar bags make women visually older by 5-10 years.
Festoons often found in adults. In the beginning, only baggy lower eyelids are visible, but after a couple of years another line appears. The skin becomes drier, and the muscles lose elasticity.

Edemas on the cheekbones appear both in adolescents and in young people. There are various reasons leading to this. The formation of periorbital oedema may happen due to heart problems (under the left eye) and kidneys (pyelonephritis). Most often it happens because of metabolic disorders, as well as due to the inability of the body to remove the liquid. Also, the reason is lack of sleep and an unstable nervous condition.

For example crying leads to circles around eyes appearance, and salt of tears can irritate the skin and form heavy swelling. Improper nutrition affects the work of the whole organism.

Puffiness is also caused by diseases. These include mononucleosis, resulting in the eyelids swelling. The state of eye orbits is accompanied by pain and itching. Extra amount of salts intake results in water retention, which leads to the appearance of noticeable swellings.

Alcohol and tobacco contain toxins, leading to stress, fatigue, hormonal disorder. Alcohol intake results in skin dehydration. The skin becomes thinner and more transparent, and that's why the vessels can become visible.

Allergy results in capillary blood under the skin loss. Functions on the skin specific area are disrupted and causing fluid accumulation.
Malar bags could be caused by such dermatological diseases as lichen and dermatitis due to the sensitivity of the affected area.
The swelling appearance can be caused also by pressure, hypothermia of the extremities.

To avoid the appearance of bags, you must limit fluid intake before bed. Stop drinking any alcoholic beverages. Massage is good solution for preventing edema formation. But massages can be applied in case of normal arterial pressure.

Published at September 9, 2018

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