What is my ideal weight?

People who are fond of losing weight often forget about such a factor as that with the same kilos number, people can look quite different. This is because height, body build, the subcutis layer thickness are different for everyone. As well as the physical form is also different!

What kilos number is considered to be normal? There are a number of formulas, using which you can determine the extent to which the mass of your body corresponds to one or another average value. The point is that all these formulas are based on calculation for the common person. Therefore, using them, it is necessary clearly realize that any formula of normal weight is conditional.

Genetic features

In reality, each of us has own individual genetically predetermined value of optimal body shape, which depends on the totality of innate structural features of the tissues and organs of the body as a whole.

For example, there are three body types – asthenic (fine-bone / ectomorph), normostenic (normal / mesomorph) and hypersthenic (big-bone / endomorph).

To determine your type, it is necessary to measure the circumference of your wrist.


  • Less than 16 cm – astenik;
  • 16-18.5 cm – normostenik;
  • Over 18.5 cm – hypersthenic.


  • Less than 17 cm – astenik;
  • 17-20 cm – normostenik;
  • More than 20 cm – hypersthenic.

In addition to body types, each of us is programmed to a certain body mass. This program is launched by the mother during pregnancy. It is believed that if she gained kilos during pregnancy, then the child may have difficulties in controlling body mass in the future.

Putting the individuality of the body and physique to the side one can use the following simple formulas for approximate calculations:


  • (Height in cm – 100) x 0.9 = ideal shape.


  • (Height in cm – 100) x 0.85 = ideal shape.

There is another formula that can be used for both men and women:

  • (Height in cm – 100) = ideal shape.
  • Example: If your height is 152 cm, your mass should be 152 – 100 = 52 kg.

There is another formula:

  • Height in cm x Bust in cm / 240 = ideal shape.
  • Example: (155 x 96) / 240 = 62 kg.

However it is necessary, take into account the body built and that women by nature have more fat than men.
The best kilos number formulas help you navigate to what point you can thin down. However, it is important to understand that two people with exactly the same weight may look completely different. The point here is not in height or body type, but in body composition – the ratio of muscles to fat.

Adipose tissue is more bulky than muscular. Therefore, two girls may look different, although their weight is the same. It ought to be said that it is important to strive not so much to thin down, as to strengthen the muscles with the help of strength training and reduce the percentage of fat.

  • Obesity
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    • Obesity and overweight are the result of the abnormal or excessive fat deposits generation which can be harmful to the health. It is usually caused by excessive food intake and/or reduced energy consumption.

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  • Weight Loss
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    • A person start losing weight when such organs as the brain, the heart, the muscles does not receive enough nutrients for normal work, and they send a signal to the adipose tissue that it is time to use additional resources. In response to this signal, the fat cells begin lipolysis – the breakdown of fat – and supply the body with the necessary energy.

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