What is Silverwater?

The disinfecting properties of silver are known from the very depths of centuries. Silver was used not only as jewelry, but also as a substance suitable for the disinfection of water. But is this true? It is known that silver water, the benefits and harm of which is actively discussed today in modern medicine, has many unique properties.

By contacting this noble metal, water acquires absolutely new qualities. First of all, it is not deteriorated for a long time, since most of the microorganisms die in it. Silver does much better microbes killing comparing to, for example, copper or gold.

The benefits and harms of silver water are discussed by doctors also because it can quickly penetrate a cell without changing its qualities. This fact also worries many experts. Many doctors nevertheless agree on the idea that the penetration of silver into a cell does not interfere with its normal vital activity.

It is believed that the silver water is no worse than iodine tincture or chlorine solution. Under its action, many types of microbes are killed. However, yeast is the most resistant to such water.

Silver water is considered the best for disinfection. Although even today chlorine is used to remove microbes, water silver still has some advantages:

  • – This metal retains its useful properties for a long time;
  • – It does not spoil the taste of water, as chlorine does;
  • – Noble metal does not have any harmful effect on the mucous membranes of the body, in contrast to chlorinated water;
  • – Silver fights many kinds of microbes. Other disinfectants do not have such a combination of efficiency and harmlessness;
  • – This metal perfectly conducts the energy of the Moon, and therefore water, which has been in interaction with it, acquires some miraculous properties.
  • – It is also able to accumulate particles of bioenergy. And this energy can also be transmitted to other people;
  • – Water enriched with silver has a very complex structure. Therefore, many organs and systems of the body are able to heal.

For today, the use of water enriched with silver is very common. For example, silver is able to conserve large amount of water for long voyage ships. In addition, such water is also drunk by astronauts during a space flight.

Water enriched with silver is taken for the preservation of juices, baby food, beverages, and dairy products. It is also used in production of alcoholic beverages.

When water with silver particles is used in tinctures, ointments and other medicinal mixtures preparation it significantly prolongs the period of their application. Ointments and tinctures based on silver water are used in veterinary medicine for the same purposes.

Published at 08/22/2018