What is the best detox drink?

The body detoxification has become fashion trend in recent years’, it is a subject of discussions and attention of many men and women. Is this procedure necessary, what methods are effective, and which are not.

What is the detoxification of the body and why is it needed? It is the elimination of toxins from the body. Do you think this problem is not relevant for you? It is possible, but first let's try to understand more about the toxins.

The word “toxin” comes from the Greek “toxikos”, which means “poisonous”. To put it simply, toxins are poisons which accumulate inside us at the cellular level.

Toxins are biologically active substances of plant, animal, microbial or artificial origin, which disrupt the metabolism and worsen the functioning of vital body systems.

How do they end up in our body? The main source is the environment. Poisons penetrate into our body with food, water, from the air and through the skin. The source of toxins can also be intestinal parasites – helminthes, ascarides and the like. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses poison us as well. In fact, the infectious disease is nothing but the poisoning of the body with the products of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Normally, a healthy body gets rid of accumulated toxins on its own. Natural detoxification is one of the main functions of the liver and kidneys. “Waste” is taken out of cells with blood, which, in turn, is filtered by the liver. A harmful “infiltrate” excreted with urine, sweat and breathing.

The choice of a specific detoxification method depends on many factors – these are the individual characteristics of the body, and specific situations (pregnancy, harmful working conditions), and the severity of the condition.

There are many detoxification methods, for example: diet, exercise, drug detox, physiotherapy. In addition, to clear out the body certain vegetables and fruits, dietary supplements, vitamins and drinks are used.

Here are some of the best recipes for detox drinks, which are not only useful, but also delicious:

Detox-juice made of pepper and lime.

Freshly squeezed juice of sweet pepper is perfectly combined with sour lime juice. It is a light refreshing drink, rich in vitamins of group B and vitamin C. Such juice not only cleanses the body, but also relieves nervous tension.

Detox-smoothie made of banana and apple.

Put one banana and one peeled and sliced apple slice into the blender, add a few ice cubes and a glass of fresh orange juice. Whisk everything to a homogeneous consistency – you will get nice and tasty detox-smoothie. It can replace one of the meals.
Detox smoothies made of apples and ginger.

Grind the apple in the blender; add the juice of a half of lime and a fresh ginger grated on a fine grate. Such drink gives sustained energy.

Published at 09/08/2018