What is the best shampoo for scalp acne?

The modern market provides a wide choice of shampoos, but among them you need to find a really good one. Such shampoo should make hair soft and obedient. It should also wash off the sebum from the roots well, be well foaming and contain natural ingredients.

Finding the ideal one is impossible. This is just because all of us are different and we are differently affected by ingredients of the hair washing product. Therefore, when selecting it, only testing of different types will help.

When selecting hair washing product in the first place, you need to learn about your hair as much as possible. To date, there are 4 main types of hair: normal, dry, fatty and combination.

According to the types of hair, one can determine what they need. For example, dry hair, as a rule, thin. Hence, they need hair care products, which are aimed at strengthening and increasing their volume. In case of dandruff presence, you need special hair washing products with sign “against dandruff.” You can buy these at any supermarket, cosmetic store or pharmacy.

Many people ask themselves “How to choose a hair shampoo?” The selection of the best one is carried out by matching the problems of the scalp and the hair itself. As mentioned above the hair is classified as normal, dry, greasy and combination.

Let’s consider the problems of each type:

  1. Oily scalp is characterized by rapid head contamination. Already in 20 hours after washing you can see a significant hair contamination. In this case, you need to pay attention to soft hair care products, which you can use every day.
  2. Dry scalp is characterized by excessive sloughing and even hair loss. In this case, it is better to use brands of hair washing product containing vegetable and nutrients and oils.
  3. The combined type of scalp is characterized by the presence of several problems: increased grease content and dandruff. In this case, you need to combine care products to deal with each problem separately. Thoroughly clean the fatty roots and nourish dry ends.

So what should be a good shampoo?

A good hair care product should perform the main function – to wash off the dirt and grease from the hair, but this is not the only necessary property. In addition to cleaning, it must perform a number of other functions, depending on the properties declared on the package.

For example, to give shine to the hair, to make strands silky, to nourish the scalp, moisten and retain moisture in the hair body, not allowing it to dry out during the day.

Also, remember that universal hair care products are ineffective. The hair washing product should be selected according to their type. After all, the composition of shampoo for oily hair differs from the ingredients presented in the hair care product for normal and dry strands.

Published at 08/20/2018

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