What is the meaning of burning feet syndrome?

The reason of burning feet is often allergic reactions. Many people wear shoes made of artificial leather or synthetic materials. The trigger can be a poor quality of shoe dyeing, insoles or socks. Sometimes alimentary melalgia and feet itching is caused by cosmetic remedies against sweating of the feet.

In case you suspect allergy than first of all you need to change your shoes, wear socks made of cotton. It is more complicated when it comes to tights – for cold period it is better to buy the one consisting of 95% natural fibers. If you are allergic to latex then you have to avoid wearing tights with Lycra. To stop feet itching and burning use antihistamines, ointments and creams.

A very common cause of this syndrome is mycosis. A lot of information has already been told and written, so there is no need to go into the details of the treatment course.

The hot question is why does the disease come back again?

The answer is simple: you continue to use the “infected” shoes. Does that mean that you need to throw everything away and buy a new one? No. You just need to treat footwear both during therapy course, and regularly after its completion. There are special means to fulfill this task. When choosing one or another, pay attention to this nuance: some agents act immediately, others become effective in several hours.

One of the effective ways of shoes disinfection are special ultraviolet devices. They kill spores of fungi and bacteria. Their cost quickly pays off: unlike the chemicals which you will have to buy again and again, the device will work for several years. Another plus: such treatment will not spoil the appearance of shoes.

However, the alimentary melalgia is not always provoked by legs. Such unpleasant condition can be a symptom of various diseases. For example, in case of phlebeurysm and other vessels pathologies, the problem is accompanied by swelling, heaviness in the legs. Burning feet, especially in the area of the thumb, can cause an elevated level of uric acid in the blood. Also discomfort and numbness are experienced by those who suffer from diabetes mellitus. In other words, the symptom of burning feet can signal the development of various pathologies. Especially if the alimentary melalgia attacks become regular and more often at night time. In this case, you need to see a doctor and get tested.

To get rid of the discomfort you need to prepare foot bath with medicinal herbs (wormwood, marigold, chamomile), just the water should not be too cold or too hot. You can make a herbal compress or take a contrast shower. After the water treatment, apply a cream with mint or menthol on the feet. The massage is also recommended, after which it is better to lie down and put a pillow under your feet.

Published at 08/22/2018