What is trichology?

Trichology studies hair. In ancient times, it was noticed that the scalp can tell a lot about the physiological state of the body, since only a fully healthy person can have good, thick hair.

The problems, that can affect the condition of your hair, can be caused by dietary regimens, psychological disorders, illness. Only a specialist after a full survey can detect the reason which affected the hair condition and resulted in their poor quality.
Trichology is a special area of skin science, which studies the structure of the hair, their function, features and growth phases.

Also the field of study of this branch of science includes:

  • development of methods for diagnosing hair follicles;
  • treatment regimens;
  • special medications development;
  • development of preventive measures aimed at scalp condition improvement.

It is a young and intensively developing science which appeared in Europe at the end of the twentieth century. Today, doctors dealing with this matter are also in high demand similar to dentists, therapists, cardiologists or cosmetologists.

These days trichologists solve many very important tasks, e.g they:

  • study hair and hair coat diseases;
  • develop treatment technologies;
  • help to select effective means for hair care.

In order to have healthy hair development you need to take vitamins, smart hair care using suitable shampoos, masks, balsams. The cosmetics should not be underestimated, because it helps restore hair after dyeing or curling. There are no heal all products, therefore it is recommended to see trichologist who after studying the condition of your hair will advise the corresponding hair care products.

This branch of science studies not only the external state of the hair. It helps to find out everything about the causes that lead to a deterioration of the hair condition, reduction in density, loss of shine. If hair became worse, it can point not only to the poor-quality care, but also to the presence of internal, physiological problems.

Trichology actively interacts with the main branches of medicine. Therefore, trichology can quickly reveal dysimmunity or hormonal balance disorder. As a result of a comprehensive examination and symptoms of various pathologies detection the hair can be not just restored but the patient can also undergo treatment against underlying disease.

All those who want to have beautiful, thick hair are recommended to see trichologist in order to be prescribed an individual hair treatment, which is an excellent option to take care of the scalp.

It is not difficult to maintain healthy hair, it is enough just to make some efforts on a permanent basis. Many hair problems, including their loss, are associated with systemic disorders that require serious treatment, severe diets, hormonal changes, or nervous exhaustion.
Trichologist will quickly discover the causes of hair problems, and you will get rid of hair loss and restore the beauty, health and natural appearance of the hair.

Published at September 8, 2018