What is urethritis?

The main manifestations of urethritis are burning, pain or gripes at urination, especially at its beginning, crotch pain and fluor from the urethra.

Urethritis is an inflammation of urethra which main manifestation are fluor from urethra and pain at urination. This disease appears both in men and in women. Depending on the cause there are infectious or noninfectious forms of urethritis.

What causes urethritis?

Infectious ureteritis is the most widespread form of this disease caused by sexually transmitted infections. It's subdivided into two groups:

  • specific infectious urethritis — gonorrheal, etc.;
  • nonspecific ureteritis activated by chlamydias, trichomonads, ureaplasmas, mycoplasmas, viruses, etc.

Noninfectious form of the disease develops as a result of allergic reactions, urethra injuries (foreign matters, including uric catheters), ankylurethria etc.

Quite often noninfectious form turns into infectious one due to some additional infection appearing in the organism of a patient.

What happens in this case?

The main manifestations of this disease are burning, pain or gripes at urination, especially at its beginning, crotch pain and fluor from urethra. Fluor usually appears in the mornings. At a nonspecific bacterial infection they are plentiful, mucopurulent, blue-green with an unpleasant smell.

In case of a gonorrheal form fluor appears in the morning in the form of a drop of white pus from urethra. It should be noted that men, owing to anatomic features (longer and narrow urethra), feel the symptoms of this disease earlier and more sharply. At women manifestations of the ureteritis are less expressed and can remain unnoticed in general.

From urethra inflammation can reach prostate gland, bladder and scrotum. Prostatitis, epidydimitis and orchitis can appear as a complication of urethritis, and at further development they can cause male infertility.

At women urethritis most often is complicated by impaired vaginal microflora, cystitis and other inflammatory diseases of urinary tract.
If you don't treat uretrithus in time, there is a risk to get urethral stricture that leads to weakening of urine pressure at urination.

Diagnostics and treatment

So, if you have noticed fluor from urethra, burning at urination, pricking in urethra, then it's necessary to consult an urologist or a venereologist in the nearest future. The doctor will make a bacterial swab test and PCR-based diagnostics of infections to detect the causative agent of your disease.

Quite often there are no any symptoms at all. In these cases the infection is detected only by laboratory analyses — but at the same time you risk to infect your partner anyway and he/she will have all the unpleasant symptoms.

Published at 09/28/2018

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  • Urethritis
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    • The main manifestations of urethritis are burning, pain, or ache during urination, especially at the beginning, pain in the perineum and urethral discharge. Urethritis is found in both men and women.

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