What to expect when you quit smoking?

By Dr. Steven Gundry
Updated 2021-02-17 19:20:30 | Published 2018-09-09 06:23:26
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In this article you will find out what happens with your organism if you give up smoking and whether it is harmful to quit smoking abruptly. It's known that cigarettes are not just a bad habit, but a big harm to your health. If you decide to stop this habit, you get an additional chance to prolong your life and to get rid of many unpleasant accompanying symptoms.

Instead of them you’ll get the following advantages:

  • Caries might be prevented;
  • Unpleasant smell from the mouth disappears;
  • Working abilities improves;
  • Your skin looks healthier;
  • The risk to get oncological diseases is minimized;
  • Short wind disappears;
  • Stomach diseases are experienced less often;
  • You can save money.

It's clear, that all these factors allow you to improve your health. Besides, you save the people around you from passive smoking and increase your chances to give birth to healthy children. If you have decided to refuse cigarettes you are on the right track. It's simple to achieve success; you just have to go it through.

In our society there is a myth that if you refuse cigarettes abruptly, it may cause dangerous changes to your organism. Physicians assure that you receive nothing but advantages. Sometimes you will feel psychological and physical discomfort. It's connected with the fact that the organism reacts to refusal of nicotine. Your wish to have a cigarette can become even stronger.

You can have the following difficulties:

  • Fatigue and headaches. Sugar level in blood drops if you don’t smoke anymore and it's followed by certain discomfort.
  • Cough. Your organism tries to get rid from tobacco tars which were saved up for years in your lungs.
  • The immunity will decrease. It has got used to receive dope from nicotine. In the absence of it, the immune system is oppressed and gets more vulnerable to viruses.
  • Irritability and bad mood.
  • Body weight gain. It occurs because the condition of taste receptors is normalized. You begin to feel taste of food “in a new way” and eat more.

Remember that this is just a temporary discomfort. The shorter history of smoking a smoker has, the easier is it for him/her to manage this physical discomfort. You should know that each organism takes nicotine insufficiency in a different way. Someone gives up smoking and doesn't even feel any inconvenience. If you have decided to say farewell to this addiction, then you have made a reasonable choice for the benefit of your health. Forgetting about cigarettes means saving the organism from a terrible poison.

If you throw away a cigarette right now, your organism will experience the following changes immediately:

  • Your arterial blood pressure stabilizes in 20 minutes.
  • Blood oxygen level increases in 8 hours.
  • Nicotine disappears from your organism in 48 hours.
  • Taste receptors renew in 2 days.
  • Bronchioles relax within 72 hours.
  • Blood circulation stabilizes in 2 weeks
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