What type of exercise is good for osteoarthritis?

Exercises for osteoarthritis play an important role in the cure of this disease. Motion activity in general is very important in the treatment of joint diseases.

  1. Motion activity in the treatment of osteoarthritis helps to strengthen the muscles around the patient's joint, which helps protecting it from damage. Also they able to eliminate the pain syndrome and improve blood circulation in the joint thus improving its functionality.
  2. Additionally, exercises in osteoarthritis train various systems of the body.
  3. There is an improvement in blood composition. This reduces the risk of heart disease, as well as heart attack and stroke.
  4. Prevent the onset of diabetes.
  5. Sport activity helps in the fight against excess weight, decreases the risk of obesity, reduces stress on the joints.
  6. The physical activity helps to prevent the various malignant tumors development.
  7. There is a positive effect on mood and well-being. Sleep becomes more sound and healthier.
  8. The risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures is reduced.
  9. The risk of injury is reduced.

You cannot train on your own in case the following factors are present:

  • heart disease;
  • arterial pressure above norm;
  • fever;
  • cancerous tumors;
  • moderate and severe diabetes mellitus;
  • lung diseases;
  • significant problems with vision;
  • mental illness;
  • impaired blood circulation in the brain,
  • formation of blood clots;
  • pulse instability.

It is recommended to go for a walk every day, starting from half an hour, keeping a moderate pace. If there is such a possibility, then you need to go swimming. All new activities must be started with caution and gradualness. Also it is very useful to communicate with like-minded people.

All such activity should bring pleasure. Therefore, it is better to choose your favorite types of workload.

There are the following rules for training in case of diagnosed osteoarthritis:

  • training should be regular;
  • the number of exercises should be increased gradually;
  • you do not need to do intensive movements, overcoming pain;
  • the number of trainings should depend on the presence or absence of pain in the joints;
  • it is advised to do exercise for a few minutes throughout the day;
  • do exercise in a sitting or lying posture.

Clothes and shoes for training should be:

  • easy and convenient for putting on;
  • preferably made of natural materials.
Published at 09/21/2018

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