What women want in bed?

Women fantasize about sex even more than men. An inquiry by one famous magazine has shown that female imagination is boundless, especially when it concerns the bed and what happens in it. So, we will talk about the most widespread female fantasies.

Sex with two men

Undisputed leader of the inquiry. Sex with two men in itself is immoral and condemned by the society. And what can be more tasty, than a forbidden fruit? From the viewpoint of physiology everything is explainable: a female always makes the choice following the call of the nature. The similar scenario with several men and one woman is called archetypic. It's the situation which is written down in genes: orgies, tribes, dances at bonfire and the woman is always the main one in the middle of it.

Tying up

Nowadays women are able to build houses, to plant trees and to raise sons. Sometimes they want to stay weak, and they fulfill this wish by means of sexual fantasies about domination and submission. To be tied up means not to bear responsibility for what is going on. It's proved by scientists: the less responsibility a woman takes for the outcome, the more she loses control over the situation and the more bright orgasm she gets.

Sex outdoors

It's another one fine line a woman wants to cross. On the one hand, sex in the woods or in any other public place is something absolutely defiant. On the other hand, everyone of us is a little bit exhibitionist. Such adventure excites blood and strengthens sexual feelings.


No woman wants to be raped. It's only about an imitation of this action. We deal with one of the most popular sexual fantasies about domination and submission. A man burning with desire, breaking your pajamas with teeth turns you incredibly on. Each woman likes to feel desired, and hard sex can perfectly diversify everyday life. Psychologists also claim that “rape” fantasies are a destiny of many screwed-up women. They consider sex like something dirty, but nevertheless they would like to enjoy it. A formula “he has come and taken me, I am not guilty” is ideal for them in this case.

Sex with the woman

Fantasies about sex with the woman appear most often against the background of some problems in the heterosexual relations. A being of the same gender is percieved as a reliable island of tenderness, love and devotion in this ocean of tough men.


It's not because a naked man is unpleasant to the woman – the thing is, that with open eyes and in bright light it's possible to notice things which you really would like not to see: a broken floor lamp, a lot of working papers on the table etc. A blindfold provides full concentration on the feelings, an opportunity to distract from everything terrestrial and to open new erogenous zones of your body.

Slave woman

The ladies which are successful in life and in business, wish to be women after all. It's genetic memory and there is nothing for it. The imagination of slavery is a peculiar fantasy about the man who is stronger.

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