When Is Arthritis a Disability?

It is a disease that affects a lot of people. The disease got its name from the word “athron”, which stands for joint in Greek.
The first mentioning of the signs of the disease and its treatment dates back to the period of life and activity of Hippocrates. It turns out back in those days doctors in the commonwealth with folk healers took the first steps to fight this disease.

However, doctors previously called arthritis any disease that somehow affects the joints and the locomotive system of the body. Already in the sixteenth century, arthritis, as a pathology, received its classification. The stages of the disease and the types of arthritis were first determined at that time. Therefore, speaking about arthritis today, physicians mean a number of diseases that have common unique features.

According to research, every hundredth inhabitant of the planet suffers from arthritis. The disease of joints affects all age categories. There are no exceptions. Arthritis does not depend on the sex of a person. Such a lack of framework makes the disease not just an ailment but a real problem for the modern society. At the same time, scientific observations and studies confirm that arthritis is the greatest threat to middle-aged females. Therefore this category of the population should react in due time on occurrence of the first signs of disease and receive corresponding treatment. Not only woment, but athletes are also exposed to risk of arthritis. The joints of athletes during training and competition experience enormous loads. In addition, the emotional excitement of athletes before the competition and undertreated traumas also play a significant role.

Despite the fact that arthritis is known for a long time, the causes of its appearance were studied by physicians only partially in the 21st century. Genetic predisposition is the most likely cause of which arthritis can develop. Theoretically, each person can have a hereditary predisposition to this disease. It is not necessary that this person will suffer from arthritis. Usually the genetic predisposition to arthritis is transmitted from generation to generation and the descendants already manifest the disease in full.

The second reason for arthritis(that confirmed by scientists) is the pathology of lymphonoduses in the presence of which immune cells simply can not detect viruses and start fighting them in a timely manner. Within this framework, arthritis is a very insidious disease, as broken immune cells can detect a problem in the body, but in the process of neutralizing it, they can make mistakes and destroy their own healthy joint cells (autoimmune reaction).

The third cause of development of the disease is subsequent sickness after transferred communicable diseases. In this regard, the absolute leader is influenza or acute respiratory diseases. According to statistics, 40% of all cases of arthritis occur after acute respiratory diseases.

Salted hot baths are the most effective (from now known) non-medicament way of treating arthritis.

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    • Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease, which can be caused by different reasons. If there is only one joint inflamed then it is called monoarthritis, if several joints affected then it is polyarthritis.

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    • The level of the general health is determined depending by the presence and severity of the vital body functions decompensation. In accordance with this, the doctor takes a decision on urgency and necessity of therapeutic measures.

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