Which erectile dysfunction drug is the best?

It's no secret that we live in the world full of stress, in the cities with bad ecological situation and the most part of the population has inactive way of life. Therefore men have problems with potentiality already at the age of 40 years. And it causes not only discomfort, but also problems in family life, disintegration of families and social disorder.

Chronic diseases and problems with health also cause problems with sexual vigor even in young men:

  • excess weight,
  • hypertension,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • neurosis,
  • depression,
  • hormonal dysfunctions.

Erectile dysfunction drugs should be taken only in case of loss of sexual vigor. If erection is normal, then the majority of the drugs for potentiality enhancement are not able to strengthen or to prolong it. Especially it concerns inhibitors of phosphodiesterase (including Viagras). Uncontrolled use of the drugs of this cathegory can affect the health negatively or cause reverse result – impotence.

Also the majority of medicines for sexual vigor increase have many side effects. There is no medicine without side effects. Not all medicines are applicable for people over 40, 50 years old. Therefore men having some chronic diseases, problems with cardiovascular system, liver, diabetes, etc. have to consult the doctor. Only your doctor can tell what medicines are the safest, specify dosage and consider all risk factors and possible interaction with other drugs taken by the patient.

The scientists have analysed data on sexual health of 989 men aged from 55 up to 75 years and detected the following dependence: those who had sex less than once a week had problems with erection twice more often than those who had sexual contacts weekly. Further comparisons confirmed the first guesses: risk to get erectile dysfunction grows with decrease in frequency of sex.

Checking the obtained data, physicians took into account also other factors having impact on sexual health of men like slight mental disorders and addiction to smoking. And their conclusions remained the same.

On average, about 79 of 1000 men having sex less than once a week got problems with erection during the observation process. Among those who had sexual relations regularly once a week, there was 32 such unlucky persons of 1000. Three and more sexual contacts in a week reduced this figure to 16 people.

It's obvious that quality of sex can seriously decrease with age and depends on regularity of sexual relations — tells the Science Daily. — There is an inverse relationship between the frequency of sexual contacts and possibility of erectile dysfunction development.
Physicians also reminded that erectile dysfunction is not just a sexual frustration. In advanced form it can affect the general state of health of the man.

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