Why do I have a pain in my groin?

Drawing, aching pain in the groin is well known to professional athletes and people under heavy physical stress. Such ache, as a rule, is associated with muscle overload and usually it passes quickly. However, in view of the complex anatomical structure of the inguinal region, there can develop many other pathological processes, including quite serious ones. Therefore, before the treatment of pain in the groin it is necessary to find out its true cause.

The inguinal region is the place where the lower abdomen is joining the thigh, there is an inguinal canal with large blood vessels and the nerves of the thigh. In men there is a seminal cord located in this area, in women there is a round ligament of uterus. In case of an inguinal canal hernia the intestinal loops may also be in the same area.

The inguinal hernia is a condition when the abdominal supporting tissues are weakened and lose their elasticity, resulting in the intestine loops prolapse into the groin. Inguinal hernia usually represents a small, well-palpable swelling in the pelvic area. The inguinal hernia can result in various complications development, the most dangerous of which is knuckle, which causes a violation of the blood supply and, as a consequence, necrosis of the intestine. This condition requires immediate surgery.

Ache in the pelvic area may be caused by a low-lying kidney stone or ureteral calculus. In case of renal colic, pain in the pelvic area is usually accompanied by strong, severe ache in the lower back, which also radiates to the hypochondrium, bladder and external genitalia. Such condition requires immediate treatment.

The enlarged inguinal lymph node is a symptom of urogenital system inflammation (cystitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, colliculitis, epididymitis) or various infections in the pelvic region (endometritis, adnexitis, proctitis, pelvic cellulitis, trichomoniasis, clamidiosis) or in the legs.

The ache in the groin may be associated with lumbar osteochondrosis nerve roots entrapment connected to the inguinal area. In this case, the pain is also felt in the affected part of the spine radiating to the upper internal surface of the thigh. In case of lumbar osteochondrosis the genitocrural neurothlipsia is possible as well as other lumbar plexus neurothlipsia, which may cause a significant sexual dysfunction, defecation and urination problems.

Ache in the pelvic area can also be a symptom of such hip joint disease like arthritis. The arthritis development is normally caused by trauma, soft tissues and bones infections, congenital defects, developmental conditions, and frequent increased joints loading.

Published at September 17, 2018

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